Therap 2016.1 :: Are you ready for the changes in Medication History and MAR?

Pharmacy Interface

This coming weekend we will (finally!) be releasing our Pharmacy Interface (much more about that in later posts).

The big deal with with this release is that we have made a number of changes in Medication History which you need to go and take a look at before the release.

These changes make our Medication History compliant with HL7 standards and add in functionality that we have been looking to add for quite some time like component medications, more flexible scheduling, and definitive end times.

In some ways, the biggest task for us is the migration of all our existing Med History and MAR data over to the new structure […]

Therap for Android version 1.1 Released

Following the release of Therap 2014.1 (don’t forget to read those release notes!) we have also updated Therap for Android.

As well as fixing a few minor bugs we have added the following:

Switch profiles in the app:

Select Profile in Therap for Android


Control your camera’s flash when adding photos to your ISP data:

Using the flash in Therap for Android

You can see all the details here by clicking here

Don’t forget that Mobile ISP Data is a premium feature. If you would like a demo get in touch.

You can also use Therap for Android to access our mobile MAR.  If you have the MAR already, you can just ask us to activate […]

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Have you gone mobile yet?

Click here to go to Google Play from where you can download this app

This weekend we released our new Android App for MAR, ISP Data, and Password Reset.

In order to use the MAR section, you just need to have your Provider Admin get in touch with use (as long as you have purchased the MAR from us already there is no extra charge).

If you would like to use the (extremely cool) Mobile ISP Data app you will need to subscribe, but we have some great introductory pricing so get in touch quickly.

If you want to see how it all works you can watch this […]

The Future of Therap Medication Administration Records

Therap MAR Stats July 2013

As you can see, people use our MAR a lot!  Almost 6,000,000 entries a month!  Through all of this use we have identified a number of issues and challenges.  Along with that, we are also continuing our work of building our first pharmacy interface.

To make all of this work even better, we are looking at a new MAR interface that will be easier, faster, and even more usable.  Below you will see an early mock up.  We’ve already come up with some great enhancemants based on conversations weve have at conferences and user groups.

Therap 2013.2 :: Where are my Mobile Apps?

Screenshot of mobile apps dashboard

If (as you should be) you have been eagerly reading our 2013.2 Release Notes and even trying out the Beta Release, you may have noticed that there aren’t too many mentions of our new mobile apps that I have been previewing.

That’s because we have decided to rework the way we are presenting them to you and making sure that they will be just as awesome as we can possibly make them.

The major change in our implementation is that we are rolling all three of the Android applications (Password Reset, Mobile ISP Data, and MAR) into one.  It was looking like a […]

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Therap 2013.2 :: Beta Release Available

Video on Therap 2013.2 Release Preview

We have now published the Beta version of our upcoming 2013.2 release (expected in the middle of July).

Remember, the data in the Beta is a copy of your original data and won’t be kept (that’s why there are big red borders and a warning not to enter real data).

This is a great time to try out new features that you may not have access to in your regular account.  If you want to take MAR or some of the CCHIT features for a spin, just ask us to turn them on in your beta account at no additional charge.

Don’t forget to read the release notes.

I’ll be doing walk thoughs of the various modules […]

Working with Medication History and MAR

Graphic announcing the release of Therap version 2012.3


As you have probably noticed (particularly) if you are a nurse, we made some pretty big changes to med history in our last release.  These changes were made to ensure data integrity between Med History and the MAR.  While the change was absolutely the right one, we did miss some work flow issues which make medication history too awkward to work with just now and for that I apologize.  We are working on both short and long term solutions to these.
Data Integrity

Let me start by […]

Preparing for 2012.0 Downtime :: Use it as an Emergency Drill

Release Notes, User Guides and Preview of Therap 2012.0

When Therap 2012.0 goes live on January 15th, there will be a significant amount of downtime (we are currently estimating about 15 hours).

The reason for all this downtime is that we have to run some operations on the database to change it to work with the new application (think of all the changes we are making in the ISP Plan workflow and presentation).

While we understand that this is a major inconvenience for you, it is unfortunately a fact of life with the nature of our system.

My suggestion is that you use the downtime to make sure that you have all the correct procedures in […]

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When to update, when to discontinue and copy

Screenshot Highlighting 'Discontinue' Button


We have had a few discussions recently with users about the appropriate time to update a form and when to discontinue it and copy it to a new form.

Two common examples of this are with ISP Programs and Medication History (especially when using Medication Administration Records).

Each of these offer both the opportunity to update and to D/C and continue (assuming that you have the appropriate permissions).  

Here’s the difference:

If you are fixing a mistake on the form (for example a typo or spelling error) then you should use “Update”.

If what you are doing is changing the form in a way that it will work differently then you should discontinue it […]

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