Preparing for Hurricane Irene

Hopefully the weather forcasters are wrong and Irene doesn’t hit the East Coast as badly as is being predicted, but if it does, you should be prepared.

If you lose power or internet connectivity, you will still need to complete your documentation.

We recommend the following:

Print out offline forms for the modules you will need.  Click here to find them.

If you use our Medication Administration Record, you will want to print a spare MAR.  Click here to learn how.

Be careful out there.

:: Justin ::

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Allergy Profiles in Therap 9.1

Screenshot of Allergy Profile of Mary Active

As well as all the amazing unification functionality in Therap 9.1, we will also be taking our next step towards CCHIT Compliance.

Currently, allergies are listed in a text box.  In Therap 9.1 (if you have subscribed to our First DataBank live drug database) you get all sorts of new features.

Firstly, allergies are now listed individually and can be picked from the First DataBank list.

Now, when you add a new medication, it will tell you if there is a reaction between that medication and an allergy or that medication and another medication already being taken!

Screenshot of Medication History showing Drug-Allergy [...]

Scheduling Medications in MAR

Screenshot showing Scheduled Medication(s) and Scheduled Treatment(s)

When we brought in medication scheduling in 9.0 it opened up a world of possibilities.  There is however a bit of a problem.  Not all possibilities for med scheduling can be done through the scheduler that is built into the Medication History module.

Well, we have a solution, and a very cool one at that which can basically copy with any scheduling routine you have.

All you need to do is go to your MAR and switch to Configuration Mode, you can now click on any cell to make it scheduled or remove the scheduling.

You can now define exactly the schedule you want your staff to see!

:: Justin ::

The answer to abuse is transparency and accountability

Over the past months, and again this week, there have been awful, frightening stories coming out of the New York State developmental disability system, and in particular their institutions.

These stories have been highlighted by the New York Times and I would encourage you to go and read them, even though you won’t enjoy the experience.

There is no doubt in my mind, based on a lifetime of experience working both in institutional, community, and family based settings supporting people with diabilites that institutions by their very design are, at best, an inappropriate model for supporting people with disabilities.  However, while the environment undoubtedly contributed to the horrors in these stories, I really don’t think it is the sole casue.

The problem […]

Therap 9.0 Preview Webinar

Original Picture is Unavailable


Justin Brockie will present a webinar looking at new features in Therap 9.0.  This will include the new Time Tracking data collection module.  Significant updates to the Medication Administration Record.  Updates in Health Tracking reflecting the move to CCHIT compliance and more.  Please note that a separate webinar will be scheduled for New York specific features that will also be included

The Apple iMAR

Along with all the other cool things that happened this weekend, Apple released it’s first Therap device.  They call it the tPad, but I like to think of it as the iMAR.

100405 iPad (3)100405 iPad (4)100405 iPad (1)

More feedback when I have done some more playing.

:: Justin ::

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Getting access to First DataBank Drug datalase in Therap 8.2

You have probably heard us talking a lot about the link between Medication History, Medication Administration Records and the First DataBank drug database over the last few months.

It’s something that we are really excited about that already gives you and your staff access to a ton of information about medications directly from the medication history or the Medication Administration Record.  Over the coming months we’ll be adding even more functionality.

If you are looking in your account and don’t see something like this when you go to add a new medication, then you probably haven’t got the feature switched on yet.
(click on the picture to see a full size version)

Drug [...]

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First DataBank in Therap 8.2

First DataBank Logo

In Therap 8.2 (scheduled for release at the end of this month) we will bring out our first link with the First Databank Drug Database.

This is really exciting.  If you upgrade to include a subscription to this service, you will be able to look up any drug just by typing in some of its name:

Screenshot showing drug look up section where you will be able to look up any drug just by typing in some of its name.

Then you will get a full list of all the variants of that medication.

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A note from Sazzad for those of you using Therap's Medication Administration Records

MAR 11 by you.

We are happy to inform you that we will soon be releasing Version 8.1 of the Therap Applications. In this release, along with other modules, we have also updated the Medication Administration Record (MAR) module .

Please note that, to access MAR in 8.1, users will now require a new set of MAR specific roles instead of the Health Tracking (HT) roles (HT Submit, HT Update and HT View). Following are the new MAR Roles which will be introduced in 8.1:

1) MAR Configuration Approve – With this role, users will be able to Approve an MAR.

2) […]

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