Wolcott is where the robots are at

This weekend was the 3rd Annual Where Is Wolcott Invitational (or WIWI) as we like to call it.  This is where Team MAX, build the game field from this years FIRST Robotics game in the Wolcott High School gym and runs a day long competition.

3rd annual event of 'Where is Wolcott Invitational'3rd annual event of 'Where is Wolcott Invitational'

This was our biggest competition ever with 23 teams.  Three of them were particularly cool.  We had one team made up of mentors from any of the competing teams who wanted a shot at driving a robot (I found out quite how difficult it was).  We […]

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Still more robotics, end of day one.

Day one ended with a couple of nice victories to leave Team Max heading into the final qualification matches and hopefully the elimination rounds tomorrow with things looking good.

On top of that, their various interviews and presentations seemed to go well, and Iona was on the 6 o’clock news.

Here’s some of the action (click on the images to watch videos):

The Team MAX drive team
The Team MAX drive team is introduced

A fine performance in autonomous mode.
A fine performance in autonomous mode.

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