Therap 9.1 for States and Multi-State Providers

Therap 9.1 is on its way (there is rather a lot of frustrating downtime right now, but that is because we are doing an awful lot of work under the hood).

Many users won’t see too many changes: IDFs are simpler, we have our new Allergy Profile leading to drug cautions and interactions in the MAR and rehabs like WhiteSands outpatient rehab, and a few more tweaks in billing.

Provider Administrators will see a bunch of new things, primarily in the new privilege screen, and the new process for adding individuals.

The biggest changes take place in State and Multi-Provider accounts.  All that work going on under the hood is to allow us to have individuals supported by many providers and the […]

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Allergy Profiles in Therap 9.1

As well as all the amazing unification functionality in Therap 9.1, we will also be taking our next step towards CCHIT Compliance.

Currently, allergies are listed in a text box.  In Therap 9.1 (if you have subscribed to our First DataBank live drug database) you get all sorts of new features.

Firstly, allergies are now listed individually and can be picked from the First DataBank list.

Now, when you add a new medication, it will tell you if there is a reaction between that medication and an allergy or that medication and another medication already being taken!

Pretty impressive stuff!

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