Therap 2013.0 :: Introducing Multi Individual Events

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Ever since we produced our first Incident Report in Therap 1.0 about 10 years ago, we have been asked how we deal with an incident involving multiple individuals.  Up to now, we basically didn’t other than insisting (very strongly sometimes) that a single GER or incident report had to be about just one individual in order to preserve HIPAA compliance and data integrity.

Well, in Therap 2013.0 we are introducing the concept of Multi Individual Events!  The way I look at it, there are basically two scenarios.  The first is a bus crash and the second is an altercation.  In the first, the same thing happened to […]

Are you ready for Therap 2012.2

Therap, Version 2012.2, to be released end of July

We are getting closer to our released date of July 28th and there are some significant changes coming to Therap.

In particular, Security Profiles.

If you haven’t yet, make sure that you read the release notes.

You should also watch this video.

Video on Therap 2012.2 Webinars – Security Profiles

Release Notes | Webinars | Contact us
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Tuesday in the Twin Cities

Baseball Field


Jeff and I spent today in Minneapolis and St Paul, meeting with the very fine folks at Dungarvin this morning and then a presentation this afternoon.

It’s excitign to see how Therap is taking off up here with new agencies jumping on-board left, right, and centre.

After a great day of Theraping it was off to the ballpark.

Target Field, home of the Twins is very cool, we were both impressed.

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Not only was the baseball fun and the atmosphere great, but we found a new gastronimic delight!

Whenever I go to a ball game with Calum we have an icr cream sundae in a mini-helmet (have done since he […]

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Electronic Billing :: Make sure that you upload your 835s

Graphic showing 5010 Electronic Billing

If the title of this post doesn’t make any sense to you, you probably don’t do any electronic Medicaid billing.

If you do, you will know that when you do electronic billing through Therap, the file that we send off on your behalf is called an 837.

Once you claim has been processed you will then receive back another file called an 835.

Probably the most important muber in the 835 is the TCN (in some states it is called an ICN) number.  This is the number assigned by your Medicaid processor to your claim.  By having this number we can then directly link the claim you have in Therap to the claim Medicaid […]

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Find out more about direct electronic billing in Minnesota

Graphic showing Therap Users

f you use Therap in Minnesota and are interested in finding out how you can billing directly from Therap using Therap data, you should join this online User Group Meeting.

We’ll be discussing how Therap Electronic Billing and discussing Minnesota specific rules.

You can sign up here

The meeting is on February 1st at 10am Central

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Getting ready for 5010 billing on January 1st, 2012

Graphics of 5010 standard Electronic Billing

Effective January 1, 2012, a federal mandate requires that providers use the HIPAA Version 5010 standard for electronic claim transactions.  

We are pleased to announce that Therap has implemented Version 5010 related changes that will impact all providers using Electronic Billing. 
This impacts customers doing direct Medicaid billing in Alaska, Delaware, Florida, Kansas, Minnesota, New York, and Wyoming where Therap is certified for 5010 billing. We anticipate the same requirements for users in Colorado, however, the state has not yet completed testing.

We have attached a summary of the required changes to provide you with information that will assist you in meeting the January 1, 2012 compliance requirement. 
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Making the move to Liveperson for Therap Live Help

HomeAs I have written about before, we have been looking around for the best way to replace our current Live Help system. The one we built a few years ago is showing signs of age and given that we want to give as much priority as we can to system functionality and stability, we decided to take a look out there and see if anyone could meet our needs.

Interestingly, most companies who supply Live Help software just couldn’t cope with our need for HIPAA compliance (which we tend to take a significantly stricter stand on than a lot of folks do).

However, we did find a couple who could and have now made […]

User Presentation :: 4 :: Paul Smith & Cathy Rathburn – Therap for Multi-State Providers

Splash image of National Conference, Feb 8-10, 2011 Fishkill, New York

Paul Smith & Cathy Rathburn: Therap for multi-state providers

Dungarvin’s use of Therap currently extends across 6 states, 200 locations, 700 individuals served, and more than 1000 DSPs.

An open discussion on the challenges (and opportunities) faced by provider agencies operating across multiple states, such as, but not limited to:

  • Developing a repeatable implementation process
  • Balancing state specic needs with organizational standards
  • Facilitating “national”, or “corporate”, access
  • Developing “local”, subject matter experts and Provider Administrators
  • Assessing the impact on existing systems, processes and procedures

02/08/2011, Tuesday, 01:30pm


List of Users’ Presentations
National Conference’s Page

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