Wednesday in Jefferson City, Missouri

Jeff and I have spent the past couple of days driving around Missouri (see previous posts for details of how exciting this can be) talking to folks about case management and some exciting things that Therap has in the pipeline for case management agencies around the country in general and specifically for providers in Missouri.

Having spent yesterday in Columbia with the folks at Boone County Family Resources, today we made our way down to the (remarkably easy to get to) state seat of Jeff City to meet with the team at Cole County.

We met with some great folks who have been doing a lot of work in Therap and I’m now even more excited about the things […]

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Wednesday in Kansas City and Jefferson City, Missouri

Peter and I were out here in Missouri to join Jeff in some meetings (which in Missouri always seem to involve copious amounts of driving.  There is a long story that you should get Jim to tell you about of a drive we had through Missouri where we ended up guessing the heights of radio towers (he was about right, I was disastrously wrong).

At least the weather was nice out here.  Actually got up to about 54 degrees!

Now it’s time to head back to the frozen tundra that is Connecticut.

:: Justin ::

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Thank you Kansas City, See you in Atlanta!

Another great conference has drawn to a close.  I’m always impressed by how hard the attendees work when they come.  Walking the corridors on the last afternoon there are some serious exhausted folks hanging out there.  There was a whole lot of learning that went on here, for us and our customers.

I have to give some serious credit to the hotel, we finally found a place that could keep the internet access up and running for the duration of our conference.  That’s no easy task!

And so now we start planning for next year.  We’ve already decided that we are going to be in Atlanta, so watch out for some really early bird rates and start thinking about what you would […]

Everything's Up To Date In Kansas City


As Rodgers and Hammerstein said…

I went to Kansas City on a Tuesday
By Thursday I learned a thing or two
But up ’till then I didn’t have an idea
Of what the mod’rn world was comin’ to.

We are really excited to announce that the Therap National Conference is on the move!

In 2014 we will be in Kansas City, Missouri!

Now is your chance to sign up at discounted rates or submit to present and we’ll waive your admmission.

Get in there quick, this is going to be a big deal!

:: Justin ::

Are you ready for Therap 2012.2

We are getting closer to our released date of July 28th and there are some significant changes coming to Therap.

In particular, Security Profiles.

If you haven’t yet, make sure that you read the release notes.

You should also watch this video.

Video on Therap 2012.2 Webinars – Security Profiles

Release Notes | Webinars | Contact us
:: Justin ::

Are you signed up for a Therap Conference yet

We are now well and truly into our Spring conference season.  Last week was Dover, Deleware; this week was Kansas City, Missouri; and next week I’ll be joining folks in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

By the way, we have had so many people sign up for our New Mexico conference that we will be adding three more tracks. Look for an updated schedule soon.

 Graphic Showing Conference Dates on USA Map

As you can see we have a slate of conferences this year convering the whole country, so there’s bound to be one you can sign up for.

See our Conferences Page for more details.

:: Justin ::

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