Welcome Michelle

This is a little late, but still news that I am very excited about:

Michelle Saunders has joined Therap as the latest member of our mid-west team.

After doing a great job implementing Therap in Missouri, Michelle and her family are moving to the Chicago area where she will be spearheading our sales and support.  Many of you will have met Michelle at one or more of our conferences and will know that the brings with her just the sense of energy, humour, intelligence, and caring that we like around here.

If your at the upcoming Kansas City Conferece, be sure to welcome Michelle aboard. 


Michelle Saunders

Michelle received her Bachelor’s degree from Juniata College in Pennsylvania majoring in […]

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Tuesday in Columbia, Missouri

On Tuesday, Jim, Sazzad, Asif, Jeff, Chris, Michelle and I (quite a team) spent the day with Boone County Family Resources.

We had a very productive set of meetings as they learn more about Therap for States and Counties and we learn more about the intricacies or working in a country environment.

It’s also worth noting that the drive from Kansas City to Columbia is not the most exciting one. To pass the time we got into a rather heated debate about the height of radio towers. Unfortunately, due to the amount of research that we all did to try and win the argument we now know way too much about the things and Jim has developed a bit of […]

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Therap in Boone County, Missouri

I had been doing really well with my whole blog-post-a-day thing, but last week’s travel schedule finally got to me!

There are though a few things I really should catch you up on.

One of the most exciting was the day that Jeff, Sazzad, Pushpita, Naim, and i spent with the folks in Boone County, Missouri. We have been implementing our Oversight Accounts in a number of states for a while now, but thanks to a few counties in Oregon and Missouri (along with some boards in Colorado) we are finding out how well the system works in a whole new role.

Working with counties is proving to be a very interesting challenge/opportunity in many ways.  I a lot of respects they operate […]

Therap 9.1 Release Date is now July 24th, 2011

Graphic showing Therap version 9.1 is coming soon

In order to give you the highest quality release possible, we are resscheduling Therap 9.1 to July 24th.  This means that the date for getting all your IDFs into in-prep or Approved status is now July 23rd.

We are also rescheduling the webinars previewing these new features (though you can watch a recording of the Single Provider one here at any time).

Rather than doing these as live webinars, I will be recording them and sending out a link to anyone who singed up

:: Justin ::

Therap Individual Unification for Single Providers

Justin will provide a walk-through of Therap 9.1 reviewing the new intake and sharing options available in Therap 9.1.  Topics will include: 

Adding new individuals 
Sharing individuals with Oversight Agencies 
New Provider Administration functionality 
Changes to User Privileges 
New Allergy Profile

Title: Therap Individual Unification for Single Providers

Allergy Profiles in Therap 9.1

Screenshot of Allergy Profile of Mary Active

As well as all the amazing unification functionality in Therap 9.1, we will also be taking our next step towards CCHIT Compliance.

Currently, allergies are listed in a text box.  In Therap 9.1 (if you have subscribed to our First DataBank live drug database) you get all sorts of new features.

Firstly, allergies are now listed individually and can be picked from the First DataBank list.

Now, when you add a new medication, it will tell you if there is a reaction between that medication and an allergy or that medication and another medication already being taken!

Screenshot of Medication History showing Drug-Allergy [...]

Scheduling Medications in MAR

Screenshot showing Scheduled Medication(s) and Scheduled Treatment(s)

When we brought in medication scheduling in 9.0 it opened up a world of possibilities.  There is however a bit of a problem.  Not all possibilities for med scheduling can be done through the scheduler that is built into the Medication History module.

Well, we have a solution, and a very cool one at that which can basically copy with any scheduling routine you have.

All you need to do is go to your MAR and switch to Configuration Mode, you can now click on any cell to make it scheduled or remove the scheduling.

You can now define exactly the schedule you want your staff to see!

:: Justin ::

A Request from the ANCOR Foundation

Original Picture is Unavailable


TO:                  All ANCOR Members and Friends

FROM:             ANCOR Foundation CARES Fund

DATE:               May 26, 2011

SUBJECT:        Urgent Request CARES Fund


As you know there have been numerous natural disasters this spring:   fires on the west coast and southwest; tornadoes in Alabama, the Midwest, and last week in Joplin, MO; and flooding along the Mississippi.   ANCOR recognizes the need for cash and services following a disaster and provides organizations the ability to meet some of those needs. 

We were approached for financial support from an organization affected from the […]

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