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Wednesday in Waterbury, Connecticut

Our friend Bill from Helena, Montana has a habit of sending us photos of the weather our there.  Today's was of the snow outside his office and the snow drifts a colleague had been dealing with.


I responded with a couple of my own and then realized that we are forever posting photos of all the great places we go, but never of sunny Waterbury, so here goes:


Therap OfficeTherap OfficeTherap OfficeT-Girl's poster is hanging on therap office door

Our office is actually under the Hairdresser sign (they moved out and we took over their […]

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Montana Incident Report Updated

Montana's Official WebsiteMontana

Things are moving on apace in Montana since we won the RFP there. Hopefully you have been keeping track of all of Maureen’s travels around the state. We have now visited virtually every single provider in the State of Montana and the move towards a paperless state is gaining momentum!

As part of this process (and we are learning a lot along the way too!) we released an update last night (Therap 8.4.2) which simplifies the completing of the Montana State Incident Report.

:: Justin ::

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Life under a Big Sky


Every time I come to Montana I seem to like it more than before.  It just gets bigger and more beautiful.

This time I am in Big Sky (between Bozeman and Yellowstone) for the Six State Summit with folks from Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado.

I feel a bit like I am coming to a reunion there are so many people here I know and like.

It’s going to be a great couple of days

:: Justin ::

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Welcome to Therapville, Montana


There is some really exciting stuff going on in Montana these days, since winning The State of Montana’s RFP, all providers in Montana now have complete access to Therap’s Individual Support modules.

We are very excited about the opportunity that this gives us to work with the whole developmental disability community in Montana as they work to provide continually improving services to Montanans with developmental disabilities.

Since my first visit to Missoula (and despite my interesting driving history there) I have really enjoyed the people, the scenery, and the whole State of Montana.  Of course it helps that we had […]

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