Strange Characters showing in New York Documents


If you are using our new New York ISP, Hab Plan and MSC section that we introduced in Therap 9.0, you may have noticed that some special characters are showing as question marks when you print.

We have identified the issue and will be releasing an update tomorrow to fix it.

Thanks to everyone who pointed this out to us.

:: Justin ::

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Updated New York forms now available

NY Forms DashboardMSC Monthly NoteMSC Contact NoteIPOP - Transportation

Therap are three updated forms now available for New York customers (or anyone else that would find them useful).

These are the MSC Monthly Summary Note, the MSC Monthly Contact note, and the IPOP for transportation services.

They are are all available through our Custom Forms module (just go to the Global Custom Forms Library to import them and then each will have its own section on your […]

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Therap and Choices (the OMRDD Microsoft Dynamics project for MSC in New York)

Yesterday's session at the NYSACRA Conference about the new web based system that OMRDD will be introducing for Medicaid Service Coordinators in New York made for fascinating listening and watching.

I think that it is going to be a great thing for Therap for many reasons:

  1. There will be much more clarity about electronic signatures.
  2. There will be absolute definition of what fields are required on the forms that they are implementing (13 forms between DDP and MSC forms)
  3. The structure and the nature of their system will make building an interface simple and straightforward for both them and us.
  4. The data stored in Choices will not be usable for internal purposed such as aggregating, internal review, billing etc so it will make much more […]
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New York MSC User Group :: Next Meeting is Tuesday 12/15/2009

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who attended today’s New York MSC User Group, it was a great call with very interesting information shared.  I certainly learned a lot and I am looking forward to seeing what Sazzad comes up with as a result!

As requested, I have set up the next meeting for Tuesday, December 15th at 2pm.  To sign up, please follow this link.

:: Justin ::

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New York MSC User Group

We will be holding a User Group Meeting for New Your Medicaid Service Coordinators to discuss their documentation requirements in the light of some recent regulation changes.

The meeting will be on:

Thursday 12/10 at 10am and will be help via webinar.

To sign up, click here:

Here’s a preview of the form, if you want to try it out, let me know.

You can always click on the picture to get a clearer version.

:: Justin ::

Screenshot of Medicaid Service Coordination Contact Note

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It's been a while!

I had some wonderful plans for all sorts of interesting blog posts while I grabbed a few days respite in Myrtle Beach, but it never quite happened!

I do though have some great ideas to talk about when things quiet down (you can expect those around 2012).

Yesterday I flew back from Myrtle Beach and drove up to Albany (with a quick stop to see my favourite Welsh-American in Monticello).

This morning I had a great call with the fine folks in the state of North Dakota (much more about this and all the good stuff in Montana at another time) before heading over to give a presentation to a NYSRA meeting […]

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