Changes for Independent Providers in Nebraska

Independent providers in Nebraska (all 1000+ of them) who log into Therap will discover that there is a whole lot more functionality available to them within Therap.

Up to now, Independent Providers have just been doing Attendance and Billing in Therap.  With upcoming waiver changes, providers who are offering habilitative services will have to complete additional documentation.

To help with mastering these new skills, we have made some new classes in The Therap Training Academy specifically for Nebraska.

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Wednesday in Omaha, Nebraska

College World Series

We are in Omaha, Nebraska for our Regional Conference here and preparing for Therap 2015.0 and Integrated Billing (imagine one click setting up service authorizations and attendance, imagine claims being automatically generated and sent!).

It also happens to be time for the College World Series and Jeff and I were fortunate enough to be able to attend last night.  Lovely stadium fun (but very long) game!

Hopefully, you like the folks in Nebraska are busy getting ready for our release!

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Back to the Future for testing Integrated Billing in Nebraska

On July 1st we will be implement our incredibly cool Integrated Billing in Nebraska.  We have been all over the state in recent weeks getting folks trained.  The difficulty was letting people have a place where they could easily practice.

We now have that set up.  you just need to go to:

This works just like our Beta Context in that it is a copy of our database that is running the new software that will be released next weekend and has all the new integrated service authorizations that start on 7/1.

The difference is that we have set the system clock on this context forward so that it thinks it is already the middle of July so you can start […]

Regional Conference in Omaha, Nebraska, June 24-25, 2015


We are very excited to announce this year’s Nebraska conference, particularly because this will be the final stage in rolling out our Individual Budgeting/Provider Billing Integration.  I have had a couple of walk throughs of it now and it is quite simply awesome!

We will be doing a ton of training for state and provider staff. starting in early May, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

In the meantime, be sure to sign up.

Full details and sign up are available at:

The hotel for this year is:

Sheraton Omaha Hotel
655 N 108th Avenue
Omaha, NE, 68154

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Looking ahead to our 2015 Conference Schedule

Our conference schedule for 2015 is almost complete (I know that we are looking at a Nebraska Conference in late June, but we haven’t yet confirmed the location.)

It’s a pretty impressive schedule, full details are at:

So far, we have scheduled ourselves in:

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It’s My Life! Conference in La Vista, Nebraska, September 22-24, 2014

its my life logo


Therap is very excited to be a part of the It’s My Life! Conference being presented by the State of Nebraska outside Omaha this September.

The It’s My Life! Colossal Conference will harness systems and resources to support people with developmental disabilities in living an enviable life. Keynote and breakout sessions will address a wide variety of subjects within five general tracks. Those tracks are […]

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Release Notes :: Therap 2013.2.11


Therap 2013.2.11 Released!

We are happy to announce that we have released version 2013.2.11 of Therap applications. To learn more about the new features and enhancements included in this release, please view Release 2013.2.11 User Guides
We look forward to your comments and suggestions regarding the features introduced in Therap 2013.2.11. Please feel free to write to us .

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Therap 2013.0 :: Introducing Multi Individual Events

MIE Dashboard

Ever since we produced our first Incident Report in Therap 1.0 about 10 years ago, we have been asked how we deal with an incident involving multiple individuals.  Up to now, we basically didn’t other than insisting (very strongly sometimes) that a single GER or incident report had to be about just one individual in order to preserve HIPAA compliance and data integrity.

Well, in Therap 2013.0 we are introducing the concept of Multi Individual Events!  The way I look at it, there are basically two scenarios.  The first is a bus crash and the second is an altercation.  In the first, the same thing happened to […]

Where is my Oregon ISP and my Individual Budget?

Graphic announcing the release of Therap version 2012.2

As you read our Release Notes, you have probably noticed the new modules we have for the Oregon ISP and Individual Budgeting.

Screenshot of Individual list and Individual Support Plan.

These new modules are both ones that you need to have turned on specifically by Therap.  In Oregon and in Nebraska we are doing this in conjunction with the state to be sure that everyone involves the processes involved.  We should have much more in the way of details on that soon.

Screenshot of Budget page.

If you are outside those two state and are intersted, please let me know.

If you would like […]

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