Have you signed up for Therap’s National Conference?

We have a whole host of new things lined up for you at our National Conference which is only six weeks away now.

A couple of things that I am excited about are:

Our Mobile App

We are using an app called Whova to give you access to the conference on your mobile device.  You’ll have access to the latest schedule, be able to mark which sessions you want to go to, interact with Therap staff and other attendees as well as discuss any of the sessions.

Once you have signed up for the conference, got got here to be set up in the app: https://www.therapservices.net/therap-national-conference-2017/request-add-national-conference-event-whova/



We are also adding a number of workshops in addition to the regular sessions.  These […]

Therap Services Conference To Support Individuals With Developmental Disabilities And Their Support Circles


Electronic Health Record Services from Therap Services Promote Self Advocacy, Self-Directed Services and Person Centered Planning for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

WATERBURY, Conn., Feb. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Therap Services, the leader in Developmental Disabilities electronic health record and client data management, has announced Therap’s Conference for People with Disabilities and their Circle of Support on May 7-8, 2014 in New Jersey.

Interested parties may learn more and register for the conference at Therap’s conference page

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Java Security Alert

Graphic showing Java Support Oracle


In regards to the Oracle’s official alert that addresses security issues CVE-2013-0422 (US-CERT Alert TA13-010A – Oracle Java 7 Security Manager Bypass Vulnerability) and another vulnerability affecting Java running in web browsers. These vulnerabilities are not applicable to Java running on servers, standalone Java desktop applications or embedded Java applications. They also do not affect Oracle server-based software.

Please note that these vulnerabilities do not affect the Therap Applications running on our servers. However, this may affect Java used on […]

Therap 2013.0 :: Introducing Multi Individual Events

MIE Dashboard

Ever since we produced our first Incident Report in Therap 1.0 about 10 years ago, we have been asked how we deal with an incident involving multiple individuals.  Up to now, we basically didn’t other than insisting (very strongly sometimes) that a single GER or incident report had to be about just one individual in order to preserve HIPAA compliance and data integrity.

Well, in Therap 2013.0 we are introducing the concept of Multi Individual Events!  The way I look at it, there are basically two scenarios.  The first is a bus crash and the second is an altercation.  In the first, the same thing happened to […]

Almost… but I'll take it

What a great ending to the Superbowl.  As the Giants were completing their drive I was so sure that my prediction from yesterday was going to come true.

And then Bill Belichick proves again what a scoundrel he is by letting the Giants score and ruining my plan.

Ah well, the Giants still won and there is now no doubt as to which is the best of the Mannings.

Wee brothers win again.

I just wish the trophy was presented more like a soccer cup final trophy

And to celebrate, come to our conference in the shadow of Giants Stadium!

:: Justin ::

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Come and meet our friends from Vertex at Therap's National Conference


As always we will have a number of folks from companies to provide technology type supports to the developmental disability community joining us at our National Conference (Feb 7-9 in East Hanover, New Jersey)

Be sure to keep an eye on the schedule, I’v just made some significant updates which should get posted over the weekend.

I am particularly happy to be welcoming Sanford Chandler from Vertex this year.  As I travel around the country, I have met a lot of folks who use his system and speak very highly of it.

Sanford will be hosting some sessions to tell you all obout their employment solutions and we will be holding some joint discussions abotu how Therap and Vertex might make […]

User Group Meeting in Wyckoff, New Jersey 10 – 28 – 2011

An Invitation to Developmental Disability Service Providers

Meet the professionals from the ID/DD industry to discuss and view the electronic documentation software services that Therap provides. Eastern Christian Children’s Retreatwill be our gracious host at this address:

700 Mountain Avenue,
Wyckoff, NJ 07481

The meeting is intended to focus on issues or concerns of interest to New Jersey Therap users. The general meeting will will start at about 10:00 am with refreshments, followed by a session reviewing recent upgrades, and then discussing future plans. The afternoon session will be open to […]

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Therap 9.1 Release Date is now July 24th, 2011

Graphic showing Therap version 9.1 is coming soon

In order to give you the highest quality release possible, we are resscheduling Therap 9.1 to July 24th.  This means that the date for getting all your IDFs into in-prep or Approved status is now July 23rd.

We are also rescheduling the webinars previewing these new features (though you can watch a recording of the Single Provider one here at any time).

Rather than doing these as live webinars, I will be recording them and sending out a link to anyone who singed up

:: Justin ::

Therap Individual Unification for Single Providers

Justin will provide a walk-through of Therap 9.1 reviewing the new intake and sharing options available in Therap 9.1.  Topics will include: 

Adding new individuals 
Sharing individuals with Oversight Agencies 
New Provider Administration functionality 
Changes to User Privileges 
New Allergy Profile

Title: Therap Individual Unification for Single Providers
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