A Request from the ANCOR Foundation

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TO:                  All ANCOR Members and Friends

FROM:             ANCOR Foundation CARES Fund

DATE:               May 26, 2011

SUBJECT:        Urgent Request CARES Fund


As you know there have been numerous natural disasters this spring:   fires on the west coast and southwest; tornadoes in Alabama, the Midwest, and last week in Joplin, MO; and flooding along the Mississippi.   ANCOR recognizes the need for cash and services following a disaster and provides organizations the ability to meet some of those needs. 

We were approached for financial support from an organization affected from the […]

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College of Direct Support Newsletter :: Conferences and DJK

Connections at CDS 

There’s a new College of Direct Support Newsletter out now which you can read here

There are a couple of articles of specific interest, one about our upcoming Side by Side Conference in Baltimore next month: 

Next CDS, Therap Conference
Set for July 27-29 in Baltimore

Therap LogoCDS Logo 

·      The new Return on Investment (ROI) Tool.
·      A complete review of the new courses in […]

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