OTAC Seeking Feedback on the Oregon ISP in Therap

Today OTAC staff kick off a round of gathering feedback from ISP process users who have tested the draft Oregon ISP in Therap.We want to hear your feedback. Have you tried the draft Oregon Comprehensive ISP in Therap? Share your feedback with us.

An Informational Memorandum was distributed by SPD in August explaining that Therap customers may now access the Oregon ISP in Therap to review it and offer feedback. Some Therap customers are applying for a variance to implement the […]

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Friday afternoon webinars

What a busy Friday today was, lots of great planning meetings in the office and then an afternoon full of webinars, including these two:

Present and future CCHIT features for Certified Trainers

Video on CCHIT Review for Certified Trainers


The Oregon ISP for the Oregon User Group

Video on OTAC and Therap Review


Thanks to Allison for setting these up and recording them


:: Justin ::

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Exciting times ahead in Oregon



On Friday I paid a flying visit to Oregon and along with Anna attended a meeting with a bunch of folks from  The State of Oregon and OTAC.

There were a number of things on the agenda, but primarily we talked about three things:

  1. Developing the OTAC ISP forms within Therap – We will be working on this over the coming months
  2. Helping agencies who use Therap (and those who don’t) collaborate in the ISP process
  3. Working with Therap customers and State of Oregon licensing surveyors work together and share information.

All of these are very exciting for the whole developmental disability community in Oregon and we’re looking forward to many more discussions and moving things forward.

Look out for much more on all of […]

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