Issues with the Personal Finance Module

Screenshot of Personal Finance Module

If you are a regular user of our Personal Finance module you may have noticed over the last week or so that it has occaisionally been giving you an Application Error when you try to do something such as submitting a transaction.

We have investigated this and found the cause.  The permanent fix will take us a week or so, but in the meantime if you do notice anything not working properly please let us know as we can fix intermittent issues as they occur.

Please note that while some submissions will occaisionally fail, no data that has been stored is at any risk.

:: Justin ::

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User Presentations :: 9 :: Letisha Echevarria & Renee Mo

Conference Graphics to learn about what Therap develops

Letisha Echevarria & Renee Moffatt: Personal Finance Made Easy

Letisha Echevarria is the Therap Administrator at The Resource Center in New York. Renee Moffatt is the Residence Coordinator there.

Personal Finance Made Easy will provide users with interactive example of how using the Therap Personal Finance Module will make bookkeeping a lot similar than the paper days. This session will include introductory information such as administrative tasks, creating accounts, creating transactions, and running reports. This session will also go into unique ways to use the Personal Finance module, such as specific reports for budgeting and communication between programs […]

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