Graduating a musician

Berklee Graduation 2016

Having been through a couple of engineering graduations with my daughter Iona, I was intrigued to see what it would be like attending my son Calum’s graduation from Berklee College of Music in Boston.  Berklee certainly did not let us down, as is befitting of such an institution, they put on a great show.

This year Berklee was awarding honouring degrees to Rita Moreno, the Isley Brothers, Lucian Grainge, and Milton Nascimento. Friday evening was a concert put on to celebrate all of their contributions to music over the last 70 years or so.

On Saturday we were treated to some great speeches, focused mostly on how much the world […]

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Monday at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, Scotland

As you may (or may not!) have noticed, I’ve been slacking a bit recently on the blogging front.

Hopefully, that is about to change.  We have our National Conference and an exciting release just around the corner, so I am going to have a lot to talk about!

Right now though I am in Edinburgh, Scotland in the cold and dark and rain visiting with family (and seeing Hearts win 6-0!).

Today my brother Nick and I took a tour around the (relatively new) Scottish Parliament building which was rather cool (and like Nebraska is unicameral).

More soon when I get back to the States.

:: Justin ::

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Heart of Midlothian :: We’ve won the league flag

There has been considerable debate this week as to whether we wanted Hearts to with the Scottish Championship today by virtue of cross-town rivals Hibs not winning or wait until we play Queen of the South at Tynecastle and win it in front of our own fans.  General consensus was that Hibs would win relatively easily today against Rangers and we could have our party next week.  This of course fails to take into account Hibs never ending ability to buckle when the pressure is on, especially if Hearts are involved!

And so, a year on from being on the very edge of extinction,  Heart of Midlothian have won promotion back to the top tier of Scottish football and the future […]

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The joys of working in the cloud

I’m sitting here waiting for my car’s brakes to be worked on (and dreading the bill). Obviously I get get out my phone and my laptop and keep on working.  I’ve already done a bunch of emails, talked to a few customers, and if I am stuck here much longer I’ll be doing an interview too!

The funny thing is how completely normal this feels to me, it also brings back memories of when it really wasn’t as commonplace: in 2006 I wrote this post.  At that time the mobile internet was really quite new, especially to do more than just see text.

It is quite remarkable how quickly things change and how we now take for granted […]

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Catching up with Margot

Margot Collinson Margot Collinson

If you haven’t been over to my mother’s blog “Margot at Oxford” either recently or ever, you really should take a few minutes to do so.

Over the course of the next three years Mum is publishing the letter sent home from Oxford University by her Great Aunt.  They give a fascinating insight into life at college during the First World War.

Here’s a sample from the latest entry dated 25th February 1918:

Ever so many thanks for your letter and the parcel, and also for the photo.  I was very thankful for the jam, as I have just finished both my jam and my marmalade, also my cocoa.  […]

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Hearts 10 (ten!) – Cowdenbeath 0

It really isn’t very often that this sort of thing happens, though with the way this season has been going there was chat on the message boards that one of these days, someone was going to take a real beating.

We’ll today they did.  The Blue Brazil of Cowdenbeath came to Tynecastle and probably wished they never had.

The score may have been 10-0, but it actually could have been more.

With Falkirk drawing with Rangers last night, the league table is looking better and now Hearts just need 16 points from their final 1o games to win the Scottish Championship and guarantee promotion.

Scottish Championship Table

Next week is a week off, […]

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Have you heard of the Heart of Midlothian?

It’s been a while since I have blogged about Hearts, in the meantime, we have basically gone bust, been relegated, and started all over again.

For those of you not used to the world of soccer/football, the team that finishes bottom (and sometimes second bottom too) of a league is relegated to the second tier league (in Scotland there are four leagues in the senior game – to complicate it even more there are additional feeder leagues).  It’s almost like the worst team in Major League Baseball getting replaced by the best AAA team).

Well, due to them going into administration last year, Hearts were docked 15 points and finished bottom of the league (only just as it would end up).  This […]

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A lovely (if chilly) week in South Carolina

Time to head home now from a wonderfully peaceful week in Myrtle beach, South Carolina.

Hopefully the trip home won’t be quite as exciting as the trip down here.

We’ve had a great time chilling out (literally) and then warming by the fire!

Probably top of my list was discovering that the local Piggly Wiggly has a growler fill station! (what’s better than pouring beer at your grocery store?)

Hopefully next time we are down here we’ll be able to explore a bit more outside.

:: Justin ::

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The Joys of Winter Travel

It’s that time of year (especially this year!) when Michele, Siraya, and I try to get somewhere warmer for a few days.  Siraya is a kid who just loves to be outside, but really doesn’t like the cold.  So, this year we thought it would be a great time to come to South Carolina (given how much we like the state and how much we have going on here).  So we booked a place in Myrtle Beach and booked some flights and have been looking forward to it for months.

What we didn’t take into account was the face that there seems to be a weekly snow storm in New England right now!  So on Friday we were watching the weather […]

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Letters from Oxford, England in 1917

Rowing at Oxford i 1917

While I have been over here I have been helping my mum put the final touches to a website which will publish letters her aunt wrote from Oxford University in the early 20th Century.

Here’s the intro:

Ethel Margaret Harker Collinson was known in the family as Margot.  She was born in 1896 and attended Streatham Hill High School.  She went on to study history at St. Hilda’s Hall (later St. Hilda’s College), Oxford,  1917-20, followed by a one-year teacher-training qualification.  She became head of  history at Parliament Hill High School, a member of the London Bach Choir, and a member of the Society of Antiquaries.  On her retirement from teaching, she […]

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