Productive times in Nebraska

Jim, Sazzad, Asif, Jeff, Jordan, and I have spent the remainder of this week between Lincoln and Omaha.

We’ve been working with folk’s at the state on the referral process (much more about that here), annual plans, and individual budgeting.

We’re going to have some really exciting stuff coming out here over the next few months, be sure to watch this space for much more.

We have continued to learn much more about radio towers courtesy of Jim, the current conversation is surrounding how one changes a light-buld at the top of a 2,000 foot tower.  Answers on a postcard please!

:: Justin ::


Video on Another Day at the Office

Thanks Jim!

Learning about Therap Referrals for Providers in Nebraska

Today Jeff and I followed up on the training we did in Lincoln, Nebraksa for State Service Coordinators by conducting a webinar for providers.

If you missed it you can watch it here:

Video on Nebraska Referral Process for Providers using Therap

You can also sign up for next week’s repeat session on our Nebraska page.

You can find our support materials here.

:: Justin ::

Nebraska Referral Process for Providers using Therap

We will be running a couple of webinar this week and next to show Nebraska providers how to use Therap’s referral process which is being implemented in Nebraksa next month.

We will also be posting recordings of these webinars

You can sign up by clicking a link below:

Referral Process for Providers in Nebraska – 04-27-2012
Referral Process for Providers in Nebraska – 05-03-2012

:: Justin ::

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Monday in Bismarck, North Dakota

Having been stuck in Albuquerque last week due to a high winds, I am now in Bismarck where it is awfully cold (10 deg F) and snowy – perfect weather for Sazzad.

We’re here for a couple of days of meeting with the North Dakota state team.  We have a whole bunch of really exciting things coming out here (and elsewhere) in January’s 2012.0 release – there should be a beta release of this in a week or so.

Today we’ve been working on Referral, Slot Management, and Overall Service Plans.

It’s exciting stuff!

:: Justin ::

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