Activity tracking updated to meet CCHIT Requirements

Update under the ‘Comments’ column on the Activity Tracking page

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Individual Data Form ID will now appear instead of Individual’s Name under the Comments column on the Activity Tracking page. This feature has been incorporated as a part of Therap’s move towards CCHIT certification. 

Screenshot of Activity Tracking page 

To identify an Individual from the IDF ID information, please copy the IDF ID from the Comments column on the Activity Trackingpage. 

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Therap 2013.2 :: Beta Release Available

Video on Therap 2013.2 Release Preview

We have now published the Beta version of our upcoming 2013.2 release (expected in the middle of July).

Remember, the data in the Beta is a copy of your original data and won’t be kept (that’s why there are big red borders and a warning not to enter real data).

This is a great time to try out new features that you may not have access to in your regular account.  If you want to take MAR or some of the CCHIT features for a spin, just ask us to turn them on in your beta account at no additional charge.

Don’t forget to read the release notes.

I’ll be doing walk thoughs of the various modules […]

Therap 2013.1 a very big small release!

Graphic of Therap showing the Announcement of Therap 2013.1

This weekend we are bringing out Therap 2013.1.  Now, usually when we update that first number after the version/year you would expect to see something pretty significant.  If you then rushed to the Release Notes (as I hoep you always do) you might have been disappointed to see only one feature (configurable session time out) and the fact that we are now on the Amazon App Store (and hence on your Kindle Fire).

The reason for this is that the session time-out feature is hopefully our final system change before we submit for CCHIT Certification and it could only be done after we had made some […]

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Coming soon :: Therap 2013.0

Dear Users,

We are happy to announce the release of version 2013.0 of Therap Applications. Check out the list below for details on all the new modules and features that we have included in Therap Applications with the release of Therap 2013.0.

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Therap 2012.3 :: Release Notes

Graphic announcing the release of Therap version 2012.3

Draft release notes are now ready for Therap 2012.3:

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Release Notes for Therap 12.0.3

To continue with the theme of catching up, did you check out the release notes for the update that we published last weekend?

If not, here they are:

ISP Program

  • In the Static Document of the ISP Program, alignment of the new lines of each Task description will now be displayed correctly under the ‘Description’ area of the Task(s) section. 

    Screenshot of 'Daily Activities(ISP PRogram)' showing 'Program Description' and 'Task(s)' sections 

  • For the scenario where the ‘Service Provider’ field of the ISP Data Collection page is not editable […]
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Coming soon: Therap 9.2 – Updates for New York and 5010 Billing

On November 20th we will be releasing Therap 9.2

Here are the draft release notes:

Pre-Vocational Services Hab Type for Users in New York New!

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    9.1.13 :: Updated on 08/21/2011

    This weekend we released Therap 9.1.13 with a whole bunch of updates.  It’s another great reminder to be sure that you are looking at our Release Notes

    Individual Data Updates

    Marking Individuals as ‘Deceased’

    Individuals can now be marked as deceased. A ‘Mark As Deceased’ button has been introduced which is available at the bottom of the Individual Data page. To mark an Individual as deceased, users […]

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