Therap 9.0 Preview Webinar


Justin Brockie will present a webinar looking at new features in Therap 9.0.  This will include the new Time Tracking data collection module.  Significant updates to the Medication Administration Record.  Updates in Health Tracking reflecting the move to CCHIT compliance and more.  Please note that a separate webinar will be scheduled for New York specific features that will also be included

Welcome to FirstPage Menu

Screenshot showing FirstPage Menu

As you log into Therap this morning you’ll notice a small but significant change!

Gone is the ever-present FirstPage link at the top to be replaced by a new “FirstPage Menu” which will allow you not only to jump back to FirstPage, but if you would like to, you can jump directly to one of a number of other places (based on your permissions of course).

I really like this, let me know what you think!

:: Justin ::

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