Robotic Telepresence

We have been experimenting recently with a new tool from Double Robotics known as robotic telepresence.

Basically the idea is something like this:  imagine having an iPad stuck on top of a Segway that you can remotely drive around.

Iona on a Double Robotics robot in my office

This is what it looked like when my daughter Iona used it to check out my newly painted (orange obviously!) office.

The left hand side is the screen of her laptop, the right is what I saw as she followed m down the hallway.

We have been using the robots for remotely attending meetings, giving presentations, and attending conferences.

How would you feel about us coming to […]

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Where is Wolcott? :: Lego Robotics

Picture of Lego Robotics Tournament at Wolcott High School

If you are anywhere near Wolcott, Connecticut tomorrow (and you can find it), you should definitely stop by Wolcott High School and sample the Lego Robotics tournament put on an FIRST Robotics Team MAX 1071.

This year middle school kids are learning about senior living and have built and programmed robots to complete associated tasks as well as putting together presentations and more.

It’s an awesome program.  Here are some of the tasks:


Learn more about the program here.

:: Justin ::

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Welcome to Therap Iona

Iona Brockie

I seem to have done a lot of welcoming of new folks to the Therap team recently (it’s a sign of the exciting times that we are in just now) but I am particularly excited (and proud of this one).

Iona has joined us for the summer as part of Internship Program with Team Max1071 Robotics at Wolcott High School, she will be joined soon by another MAX alumni and we look forward to the program expanding. Yet more proof that everyone who plays FIRST Robotics can turn pro!

Iona will be working on our Help and Support materials, but you may well find her on Live Help or even out in […]

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The Future is in Good Hands

Smart Move Hero 1

Today I went (along with a whole bunch of us from Team Max 1071) to help out at a local Lego Robotics competition.

The FIRST Lego League
is a feeder competition for middle school kids before they join in the fully fledged First Robotics Competition (which kicks of for real in January)

I was one of the teamwork judges and had to go around and interview 8 teams on topics such as roles and responsibilities, time management, gracious professionalism and more.

While they may have not grasped some of the finer elements of some of these, the fact that […]

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Where is Wolcott FIRST Robotics Invitational

where is wolcott insignia

What a great day!

A long day, a tiring day, but a great one.

The Second WiWi was a resounding success thanks to an awful lot of work by an awful lot of people.

computer set up showing two laptops and two desktops

This was our first year holding the competition at the High School which worked very well.   It was also our first year with the new Field Control System.. Basically it is just a single network when the host computer is connected by cable to the six Drivers’ Stations and wirelessly to […]

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Setting Up for Where is Wolcott 2009

Logo of Where is Wolcott
Gracious professionalism is the motto of FIRST Robotics and it was on full display tonight as we prepared Wolcott High School for our second annual robotics tournament.  A first at the High School which is going to work really well.  Not only was the school full of Wolcott folks, but also from our sister team GUS and from teams across New England.

Event place
For those of you who have been to any of our conferences may recognize a lot of the set up!  I have six screens set up, two big ones in the gym and then four more […]

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Lunacy in action

robotics season of the first invitational tournament.

Sunday was the first invitational tournament of this robotics season, a chance to try out your design and see what everyone else is up to.

Team Max.

Going by what I saw, Team Max has a great design as well as a great team (and some very cool shirts!)

Brockie's T shirt

Much, much more as the tournaments hot up!

:: Justin ::

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