Direct cost savings using Therap

Copier Savings by you.

One of our customers was nice enough to send me this.  The only thing that had changed since the contract was last changed was the use of Therap.

This obviously doesn’t include the cost of paper, driving the paper, storing the paper or all the other assorted costs.

:: Justin ::

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Therap – Shovel ready!

I am not sure what the web based equivalent of a shovel is, but whatever it is, we have lots of them!

One thing that we find a lot when talking to potential Therap users is that they are (understandably I guess) looking around at a lot of software and service providers.  They may even puy out an RFP (Note: if an RFP is absolutely essential, I suggest you take a look at this set of questions).

What happens then is that often the agency will come up against people who will offer to build exactly what they think they want or who will offer to consult on doing so.  The problem with doing this is that […]

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It's good to be mobile

Justin in Arizona.

Early on Friday I did a presentation outside Philadelphia with Ken.  That went really well and I started home.  On the way back up the New Jersey Turnpike it seemed to work out that I was stopping at every other service station for either a phone call or a webinar.

It never ceases to impress me that by using my Verizon Wireless EVDO I can not only use Therap from just about anywhere, I can show other people how to use it via GoTo Meeting.  Being in the Walt Whitman Service Area just doesn’t make as good a photo op as the picture in my title bar!

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