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Back home again

It’s very strange how a flight either way across the Atlantic feels like I am going home!

A tremendous break for me, now it’s time to get back to changing the world.

Before I do though, a quick photographic recap: (you can click on the pictures to see bigger versions.

100222 Edinburgh (12)100222 Edinburgh (8)100218 Edinburgh by Dad (4)100222 Edinburgh by Dad (9)

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A busy Sunday in Edinburgh

Church from Dalry Road

This morning started with heading off to church to St Martin’s, the church where I grew and Dad used to work.  Very nice to catch up with old friends and see some wonderful young kids running riot there!

Then off to Gorgie City Farm for the obligatory visit.  Sorry no picture of the red tractor, I was having too much fun talking to the pigs!

football gamefootball match

Then after lunch, Nick to his girls back to Milngavie and I headed off to see my friend Scott, his son Calum, and John (who I meet once a year […]

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Friday in Edinburgh

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It was actually a delightful day (weather-wise) here today, though for some reason, the same temperature here always feels much colder!

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I am having fun seeing how much my Droid can do despite not having phone service.  The answer is actually rather a lot.  Lots of Wi-Fi here and the GPS still works!

:: Justin ::

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Thursday in Edinburgh


It never ceases to amaze me how easy the trip to Edinburgh is.  This time was no exception.

I also never tire of the views (despite the weather and the tram works).

Justin doing his work

I am now very comfortably settled with my parents and looking forward to spending a few days with family and friends.

:: Justin ::

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Who says soccer is not about stats

James McFadden’s moment of magic for the second goal made his suspension for the Netherlands game seem all the more costly. Picture: PA

After a dismal game in Norway, Scotland resurrected their chances of getting to the World Cup in South Africa in 2010 with a 2-0 win over Macedonia at Hampden today.

The big question now is, what do they need to do in their last game against The Netherlands in order to make it into the play offs to get to South Africa?

Here’s what FIFA has to say:

All 53 countries will […]

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That was awful, but the football was even worse.


After a wonderfully lazy day, we went around to Scott’s to watch Scotland play Norway with him and his Calum.  The game was dreadful as Scotland lost 4-0 and are basically assured of not going to the World Cup in 2010.

Life got better with some very fine Fish and Chips.

But then for some reason we watched the Princess Diaries… Oh dear, dear, dear…

The view was lovely though!

:: Justin ::

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Happy Birthday Calum

Today, for Calum’s Birthday, we all slept in and then did some prezzie opening (along with celebrating Dad’s Birthday in July at the same time)

Then we headed out to have Iona try out a few “real” oboes.  Who knew, oboes in Britain have different fingering from the rest of the world!  We did though find a brand that she really liked the sound of, we’ll just have to head into NYC looking for a second hand oboe shop (I have heard rumours of some).

Then it was off for Calum’s birthday treat, going to see Mark Thomas.  He’s a very politically active comedian who […]

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Sunday in Edinburgh

Another varied day around Edinburgh and its assorted festivals.

090809 Edinburgh (3) by you.

We started the morning off at St. John’s.  Where Dad first worked when we came to Edinburgh and I had a chance to meet up with my pre-school teacher the best part of 40 years on!

090809 Edinburgh (4) by you.

Then we wandered around town and down by Holyrood Palace to see all sort of street performers and Fringe acts promoting their wares. Much fun and much walking.

090809 Edinburgh (103) by you.
After a brief respite it was out to dinner.  Given that Dad was out elsewhere we took […]

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