The Joys of Winter Travel

It’s that time of year (especially this year!) when Michele, Siraya, and I try to get somewhere warmer for a few days.  Siraya is a kid who just loves to be outside, but really doesn’t like the cold.  So, this year we thought it would be a great time to come to South Carolina (given how much we like the state and how much we have going on here).  So we booked a place in Myrtle Beach and booked some flights and have been looking forward to it for months.

What we didn’t take into account was the face that there seems to be a weekly snow storm in New England right now!  So on Friday we were watching the weather […]

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Momentous Week :: Siraya's Baptism

We concluded our incredible week today with Siraya’s baptism.

120624 Sirayas Baptism (34)

It was another wonderful occasion and I am sure that again she sensed that there was something special going on and that she was the center of attention.

Not only were we surrounded by family and friends who have supported Siraya and us over the years, we were able to have Dad join in on baptizing.

I can’t thank everyone enough who as contributed to this week.

We are ending it up in style by bringing Iona back to Ithaca along with my folks. Tomorrow she will give us the official Engineering Ambassador tour!

:: Justin ::

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Momentous Week :: Siraya Nicole Brockie

This was a huge day in a big week for the ever-increasing Brockie family!

Finally, having been with us since she left hospital aged 5 weeks (in the middle of a trip to Delaware!) and after years of jumping through hoops and battling red tape, Siraya officially became part of the family. I’m not sure that she has ever been anything else, but it’s nice to have the paperwork to prove it.

Sirayas Adoption

We have a lovely but quick ceremony at the courts in Waterbury with a wonderful group of people, all very special to Siraya in attendance.

Sirayas Adoption 

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The start of a momentous week :: Graduation #1

This really is going to be an incredible week here in the Brockie Clan.

Yesterday I was up in Andover, Massachusetts to attend a memorial service for a very dear family friend, Jim Diamond.

I first met Jim when I was 9 and he was chaplain to the University of Minnesota when my dad did a job swap from the University of Edinburgh. Since then we have crossed paths at all sorts of significant events: our engagement, our marriage, Iona’s birth, and many, many more. It was a beautiful service and lovely to catch up with his family and friends.

Today was Siraya’s graduation from Kindergarten.

Siraya's graduation from Kindergarten.

Normally I would […]

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Today was a good day

Indeed, today was a very good day!

Firstly, Calum got a letter offering him a place to study for a Bachelor of Music in Trumpet Performance at Western Connecticut.  Given how much we liked the place we all very excited (the rather generous scholarship offer doesn’t hurt either!).  Now when he goes to do his final auditions at a few more schools he can relax knowing he has a place he really wants there in his back pocket.

The I had the honour and privilege to be on the selection committee for a new Jazz Ensemble Director at Wolcott High School.  It was a very interesting process to be part of with some great candidates.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what […]

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Happy 5th Birthday Siraya

Little Siraya


This is one of my favourite photos of all time and goes back to our first conference and when Siraya was very wee indeed.

Picture of Siraya

Now, here we are five years later and not only is she a great big kidergartener, but her new, accessible bathroom is moving towards completion.

Siraya's Bathroom

Happy Birthday Siraya!


:: Daddy ::

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Happy 4th Birthday Siraya


It’s been quite a year for our Siraya, so this is a great time to sit back an smile as much as she is just now while wishing her a very happy 4th birthday!

It’s also a great time to reflect on how lucky we are to have all the folks around us: neighbours, friends, family,  doctors, teachers, therapists and many more who have not only supported Siraya through some pretty rough patches, but have supported us too.

Thanks to everyone!

Happy Birthday Siraya!

Love you!

:: Daddy ::



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Siraya's Groovy New Wheels

We are the very excited recipients of an accessible van for Siraya to cruise around town in.  No more will we have to take her (equally groovy) stroller apart and lug it into the back of the car.  Now she can really ride in style!

new accessible van for SirayaSiraya's New Vannew accessible van for Sirayanew accessible van for Siraya


You can click on the pictures for bigger versions (the second two are actually videos)

The van came from Jason and Christian and the very fine folks at Advanced Wheels […]

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