Another reason everyone should use Therap


Firstly, if you haven’t had an email or phone call returned by me in the last few days, please accept my apologies, it’s been rather nuts around here.  Remember, any time you need help, you can can the office or check out Live Help.

It’s been an interesting week in the Brockie household, most of it based around Siraya (though Michele has been doing here best to add to the fun).  We’ve spent most of our time since Thursday in doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, and for the last two days, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.  We have dealt with a whole bunch […]

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Who's the coolest kid in town?

SIraya's Groovy Ipod by you.

As many of you may know, I am a lover of toys and gadgets.  I am now working hard to give Siraya the same obsession.  She’s a huge music fan and extremely fussy about what she listens to.  Interestingly, her favorites change over time and there’s no telling when The Singing Kettle just won’t cut it any more and you have to move onto Joseph or an Australian singing about kangaroos on Old MacDonald’s Farm!

Given this obvious display of choice making (and the fact that she never goes anywhere without her Ipod – just like any other self-respecting 2 year old!) we […]

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Not your average day

Yesterday was always going to be and exciting day.  We were finally getting Iona back and we going to have the opportunity to hear all about her amazing 3+ week adventure with Outward Bound in the wilds of Oregon.

The DCF (the Connecticut Department of Children and Families) stepping in to really make it all interesting.  They called in the afternoon to see if we would be able to help with an emergency placement for a little girl with seemingly similar needs to Siraya.  We said, “Sure, but we’re not goign to be here, you’ll have to talk to Nicole”.  And that is exactly what happened, while we were on our […]

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Brockie's are go (all over the place)

This weekend will see assorted members of the Brockie clan depart for three of the four corners of the country (sorry South West, next time – as I said to Greg the other day, it really is way too long since I have been in Tucson).

Iona is going the furthest.  She is heading off to Redmond, Oregon for a 23 day Outward Bound adventure hiking, camping, rafting, kayaking,  climbing, and all sorts of other dangerous stuff in the mountains and rivers of Oregon.  I am really excited for her.  As well as having had a chance to meet all the cute salespeople at REI she is going to have the experience of a lifetime.  I can’t wait […]

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Start 'em young!

Following in the tradition of many other Brockie’s (and countless others afflicted with the addiction that is Heart of Midlothian Football Club), Siraya has now joined in with her own Hearts stip!


I doesn’t get much cuter than that does it?

As a reminder, here are a few more of us in similar attire (though probably not as cute!)

Justin, Iona and Calum.

:: Justin ::

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