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Scottish Premiership 8-14-15    Screenshot_2015-08-13-08-13-20

I’m no Elias Sports Bureau, but I can’t think of a time when both Heart of Midlothian and the Mets would have topped their respective divisions this side of 1986! (great year for the Mets, painful one for Hearts).

It most likely won’t last, but I am going to enjoy it while it does!


:: Justin ::

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Oh what fun it is to beat the Hibs on (the day after) New Year's Day

Picture of Football Game

We have played in South Morroco, we have played in the USA

But the greatest game in history in the game on (the day after) New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day is the tradional day for football (soccer) derbies (rivalry games) in Scotland.  For some reason (I would suspect alcohol consumption) they rarely seem to happen actually on New Year’s Day these days, but this one was pretty close.

It’s been a tough couple of months for my beloved Hearts, with off the field stories about financial problems and unpaid wages making all the headlines along with some pretty poor results.  The results have picked up over the […]

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Now that's what I call football!

This afternoon, the Wolcott Warriors U-12 Boys played Wamogo in our last home game of the season.  It was, I think, just about the more remarkable game I have ever coached.

After 10 minutes we were winning 2-0 and I was working out the best way to set up our team so as not to score too many goals too quickly (our league has a 6 goal differential rule).

20 minutes later, we were losing 5-2!  They had a late arrival of an extremely good player.  by half time we had pulled back to 6-4.

At half time we were left with no substitutes (we normally have 3, but […]

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Who says soccer is not about stats

James McFadden’s moment of magic for the second goal made his suspension for the Netherlands game seem all the more costly. Picture: PA

After a dismal game in Norway, Scotland resurrected their chances of getting to the World Cup in South Africa in 2010 with a 2-0 win over Macedonia at Hampden today.

The big question now is, what do they need to do in their last game against The Netherlands in order to make it into the play offs to get to South Africa?

Here’s what FIFA has to say:

All 53 countries will contest Round […]

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If only Hearts could be more like the Wolcott U-11 boys

Today my U-11 boys won their division in winter soccer.  We play down at Leszek Wrona’s Soccer Academy in Bristol, Connecticut (yes, the same town made famous by ESPN and now Sarah Palin)

We were up against a really good team for the final game (coached by a dastardly Englishman).  The boys put so much hard work and skill into the game it was a real joy to watch (though by blood pressure was probably a little off!).

I think the final score was 8-6 with much excitement and great play by both teams.  If Hearts could put in the same effort they would stop horrible results like today.  Maybe I should have a work […]

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