Working with Licensing in Oregon

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We are very excited about the number of Oregon agencies that we have using Therap.  Over the past few years, Anna and Allison have been up and down the highways or Oregon setting up and training folks.  

One of the significant impacts of this is that now, when surveyors from The DD Licensing Unit of the Office of Licensing and Quality of Care come out to do their surveys, more and more of the data and records that they need to look at are on Therap.  This means that surveyors need a log in into each provider making for lots of extra work […]

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Has your agency been using Therap for more than six months?

Searches and Reports

If so, then you really should make sure that all your managers go through the T-Girl training about Summary Reports and Searching for Data.

It is really important when you have surveys and inspections that your staff are able to produce the information that they and their colleagues have put into Therap.  When you do your initial training, the focus is (quite rightly) on getting the data in.  Now it is time to make sure that staff know how to get it out again.

Another thing to remember is that […]

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