New Automated Training CD


Download the latest version of the T-Girl Training CD for an easier training about Therap. Visit the Training page to access more resources to planning or managing training.

Read this post and comments from our Therap Certified Trainers on how they carry out training on Therap for their staff.

Update includes: Training Management System, and the Issue Tracker (which is inside the "Help & Support" portion).

You can download it here.

:: Justin ::

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Therap on YouTube :: Finding Data for Surveyors and Inspectors

As we have been talking about a lot recently, it is really important to make sure that your staff know how to find data when a surveyor shows up on site.

As you can see, we are trying out posting these trainings on YouTube.  My thought here is that this make it even easier for you to share the training (and even embed it in your own materials).  Of course you don’t get the navigation tools that you to with the Flash version on our website.

Please let me know what you think,  how you would like to use this, and ideas you have for other ways […]

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Has your agency been using Therap for more than six months?

If so, then you really should make sure that all your managers go through the T-Girl training about Summary Reports and Searching for Data.

It is really important when you have surveys and inspections that your staff are able to produce the information that they and their colleagues have put into Therap.  When you do your initial training, the focus is (quite rightly) on getting the data in.  Now it is time to make sure that staff know how to get it out again.

Another thing to remember is that if anyone is having a hard time extracting data (or explaining to surveyors how Therap works) during a […]

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T-Girl for Provider Administrators

PA T-Girl by you.

With the success that we have had with our automated training, we are now looking to expand it into more areas of our application.

Recently we released the first Automated Provider Administrator Training.

Check it out and see what you think.

Also, please let us know what other areas you would like T-Girl to cover.

Don’t forget that you can always download and burn your own training CD

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T-Girl teaches you how to find old data

One of our customers came to us with the following issue:

Now that we have all our data in Therap and not in books, when a surveyor arrives at a program unannounced, the staff need to be able to find any data that the surveyor asks for.

We passed the job on to T-Girl

Click here to see what she came up with.

Please send us your comments.

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T-Girl Training :: The next generation

Introduction fo Automated Training with T-Girl.

Many of you have used, commented on, and praised our Automated Training starring T-Girl.

Well, never ones to rest on our laurels, we are making the training even better.  It is now designed to include things such as self enrolling and pauses so that a class can work in the application.

We are still going through rather rapid iterations, but we now have the training where we are using it on a regular basis (Kara trained 100’s of staff at SullivanArc last week and can still talk!)

Instruction by T-Girl

If you’d like […]

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T-Girl Steals the Show


This mornings opening session was a blast.

Not only did I get to introduce our ever-expanding Therap team, I was also joined bby T-Girl herself.

Watch the video below and enjoy! (I am working on getting a bigger version up there)

video is showing on projector.

So far things are going really well, lots of people, lots of discussions and lots of ideas! (Therap Ideas that is!)

If you want to see more or share your own conference photos, join our group on Flickr.

:: Justin ::

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