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Image of an article from the Waterbury Republican-American

A nice article from the Waterbury Republican-American.  You can click on the images for full size versions.  Seeing Kyle, Matt and Kevin (all freshmen) there working on the robots reminds me how soccer helps kids get smarter.  The only member of the drive team I hadn’t coached came from out of town,  and a lot of the rest of the team has been through the ranks of one soccer team or another of mine! (isn’t it cool what you can take credit for!) :-)

:: Justin ::

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FIRST Robotics :: Day 2

It was a wonderfully successful morning.  Team MAX 1071 won 2 matches and tied 1 to finish qualification ranked 11 out of 58 teams.  With that we ended being captain of the 8th seeded alliance which is very impressive but leaves you playing the top seeded alliance in the first round of elimination. (breaking news: we lost that first game – best of 3 – 14-10 with a valiant effort.

Not only did the team have to play well, but they had to represent themselves in a series of interviews.

And… we won an additional award, the “bling-y-est bot award”!

More photos of the fun:

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