Therap in 4G

Screen showing Droid Bionic dashboard

I recently upgraded my phone to a Droid Bionic

Apart from being far and above the nicest phone I have ever used (it just does the stuff it should, like if I am driving it asks me if I want to listen to a text message – I say “listen” if I do), it is also my first time using a “4G” device.

speed test

I’m on the Verizon 4g LTE network and the speeds you can get are just incredible.  I’m getting 15Mbps download speeds (as a comparison, the fastest speeds I […]

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Looking for more IT Information?

We have been talking with our friends over at Angelbeat about bringing more information to Therap customers about what is going on in the world of Information Technology.

They have extended a welcome to Therap customers to attend a webinar on September 23rd and we look forward to working together on events in the future.  Here’s what Angelbeat CEO, Ron Gerber has to say:

This 45-minute Angelbeat webinar on Wednesday, September 23rd at 2 pm east coast time focuses on top desktop/PC/client issues: 1) Microsoft’s Windows 7 benefits/features and upgrade/migration path from XP & Vista, 2) Intel’s multi-core chipset platforms and DVC (dynamic virtual computing) […]

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