Therap 2012.2 Walkthrough :: Individual Budgets

Here I am with a (very) quick walkthough of our new Individual Budgeting application.

This is a really exciting move that we’re making along with the State of Nebraska. If you’d like to try it out in your neck of the woods, please get in touch.

Video on Therap 2012.2 Webinars – Individual Budgeting

:: Justin ::

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Therap 2012.2 Walkthrough :: Oregon ISP

Here’s an introductory walkthrough of the new Oregon ISP

Video on Therap 2012.2 Webinars – Oregon ISP

Note 1: There are a number of changes still to be made prior to the ISP going into production.

Note 2: This ISP will initially be available to users in Oregon and Nebraska. If you are interested in it from elsewhere, please get in touch.

:: Justin ::

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Filtering lists in Therap 2012.2

Screenshot of Program Enrollment.

With lists that have been re-worked in Therap 2012.2 we will be introducing a new way of filtering your data.

All you need to do is type in the text box above the column(s) you are interested in and hit enter and your list will be filtered.  Clear the text and the filter is gone.

Sorting works the same way as before, just click on the column here (and again to reverse the order.

:: Justin ::

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Therap 2012.2 :: More about Security Profiles

We are in the process of making the final tweaks to get our beta version of Therap 2012.2 out for you to try out.

We’re also making a few updates to make it even tastier.

The biggest thing for people to get used to will be updates to the User Privilege and Caseload Screens as well as using Security Profiles.

One of the things that you will see here is our new list filtering mechanism.  All you do is type above the appropriate column, his enter and the list is filtered.  It’s quick, easy and very cool.

Here are a few excertps from our draft release notes to introduce these features to you:

:: Justin ::


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Therap 2012.2 :: Using Security Profiles

One of the major new features in Therap 2012.2 is the introduction of Security Profiles.

This allows a user to have two super roles (each with one or more caseloads) and to look at the system as it looks though either set.

This is really handy as I am trying out the new release, I have onle profile with all roles and another with just the new modules.

Therap Dashboard

By clicking the “Switch Profile” link I can then choose from my available profiles.

Therap Switch Profile

And choose to only look at the new […]

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Getting ready to move away from FirstPage

Screenshot showing 'Test Mode' under 'Settings' Tab


Over the next few releases we will be transitioning away from running both FirstPage and Dashboard as our main interfaces and moving to work just on Dashboard.

One of the main things we needed in order to do this was to have Test Mode available for Dashboard.  In Therap 2012.2 we will have that and it can be turned on via your Settings tab.

I’m not exactly sure when we will see the last of FirstPage (which has been around since Therap 5.0!), but my advice would be to start using dashboard now and use it to train your staff.

:: Justin ::

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Getting ready for Therap 2012.2

Over the last couple of days I have been getting my first glimpses of Therap 2012.2 which we will be releasing at the end of July.

Over the next few days I will try and highlight some of the major features that you are going to see which include:

  • Security Profiles
  • Individual Budgets
  • New Admin features for caseloads and super roles
  • New fetures for Oversight Agencies managing caseloads
  • Oregon’s ISP
  • Updates for GERs in Nebraska and California
  • Billing Enhancements
  • CCHIT Security Enhancements
  • Test Mode for Dashboard
  • Other minor enhancements

Much more abotu all of these to come.

Watch this space!

:: Justin ::

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Looking forward to Therap's Summer 2012 Releases

We have such a lot of stuff coming to you this summer that we have decided to split it into two releases. These are currently scheduled for late July and September. As with all release schedules, there is always a chance of last minute changes!

The July release (2012.2) has a lot of under the hood work. Probably the biggest change that you will see is the introduction of Security Profiles. You will be hearing a lot more about these over the coming weeks and months. Basically what will happen is that you will be able to have multiple views of Therap based on each super role that you have. A Security Profile is the […]

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Working Hard on 2012.1 and 2012.2

This week we are having a series of internal meetings as we put together our plan for the next 6-12 months.

These meetings have now moved up to Danbury, Connecticut as we focus on the application and where our priorities will be.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing what we hope to acheive.

Watch this space!

:: Justin ::

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