Coming soon :: Therap 2013.0

Dear Users,

We are happy to announce the release of version 2013.0 of Therap Applications. Check out the list below for details on all the new modules and features that we have included in Therap Applications with the release of Therap 2013.0.

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Moving from FirstPage to Dashboard

Graphic showing Therap 2012.3 Released

This is a follow up to a number of posts that I have made on the topic, but notably this one back in June.

A few very, very old people may remember when Therap looked like this:

Main Menu


Those of you who were around for the release of Therap 5.0 will remeber the excitement (and consternation!) when FirstPage was introduced.

Since then we have added so many modules that if you were to have a full set of roles you FirstPage would be so long that it takes a long time to load and is really hard to find things, […]

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Working with Medication History and MAR

Graphic announcing the release of Therap version 2012.3


As you have probably noticed (particularly) if you are a nurse, we made some pretty big changes to med history in our last release.  These changes were made to ensure data integrity between Med History and the MAR.  While the change was absolutely the right one, we did miss some work flow issues which make medication history too awkward to work with just now and for that I apologize.  We are working on both short and long term solutions to these.
Data Integrity

Let me start by […]

Therap 2012.3 :: Release Notes

Graphic announcing the release of Therap version 2012.3

Draft release notes are now ready for Therap 2012.3:

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The future of Service Authorizations

Screenshot of Service Authorizations

I am just returned from a very successful and exciting conference in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Probably the most exciting feature we discussed over two days with the 250 attendees was our latest updates to Individual Budgeting.

Thanks to a lot of hard work and patience from some great Service Coordinators and providers in Western Nebraska, this module is really taking shape.

What you can see from the screenshots is a budget (or cost plan if you want to call it that) which allows the Service Coordinator to build a plan with the individual, budget it out across the year and then send the authorizations the appropriate providers who can […]

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2013.0 :: New options for ISP Programs

ISP Program Options

With Therap 2013.0, ISP Programs will become even more flexible and even more incredibly useful.

The new options are:

  1. Enable Time Duration instead of  Begin and End Time: This will allow users to just enter the length of time they spent providing a particular service.  Especially useful when services such as Targeted Case Management are provided in multiple small time periods.
  2. Allow Data Collection with Time Overlap: This will let you allow (or prevent) multiple entries for the same ISP Program be entered for the same or overlapping time period.
  3.  Allow collection fo multiple task scores for a single days:  Particularly when using Hab Check Lists in New […]
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