Therap 8.10 Release notes

Therap is happy to bring to you Version 8.10 of Therap Applications. With this release being  made on April 04, 2010, the following enhancements have been added to the system:

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  • Cross Organization Information Sharing (COIS)
  • Attendance
  • Billing
  • Custom Form Templates
  • Health Tracking – Consultation Form
  • Individualized Plan of Protective Oversight and Safeguards (IPOP)
  • ISP Plan
  • ISP Program and Super Role
  • ISP Report
  • Issue-Tracker
  • Medication Administration Records (MAR)
Cross Organization Information Sharing (COIS)

Secure Communication messages about an individual can now be exchanged by multiple provider agencies using Cross Organization Information Sharing (COIS). This new feature will give users the ability to safely, securely, and with complete […]

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Therap COIS :: A real game changer

As I travel around the country (and for that matter, Canada) I am often asked what it is that makes Therap better than other systems that are out there or why an agency or state shouldn’t just build their own system.

The answer to the second question is easy.  Just talk to anyone who has done it.  It is very hard to keep a system up to date with current technology and regulations.  You also have to contend with meeting all the HIPAA/ARRA/HITECH security and disclosure regulations, not to mention electronic signatures.  Finally, what do you do when your programmer leaves?  On the other hand you could have access to Therap’s entire team of programmers, tester, designers, […]

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Therap 8.10 :: Setting up COIS

if you, like me are really excited about being able to communicate with other agencies that support the same people as you, here’s a quick look at how you’ll do it:

Setting Up COIS:

To share information regarding an individual, the
Provider Administrator of an agency will at first need to contact
Therap, requesting Cross Organization Information Sharing (COIS) to be
enabled for their agency. The Provider Administrator would also need to
send the names of the Providers/Agencies they would […]

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Custom Forms in Therap 8.10 :: Getting a home of their home

Screenshot of MAR & Health Passport

In Therap 8.10, custom forms will be moving out of their shared box and each getting their own one. 

This will make it much easier for your staff to find any custom form that you have imported from the global library.

You’ll still have the custom forms box to look at them all in one place and to check on discontinued forms.

:: Justin ::

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Therap 8.10 coming soon

If everything goes according to plan (and that can be a fairly big “if”) we will see the latest in our series of iterative releases coming out this weekend (April 4th).

There are significantly exciting things in this release.  None more so than the introduction of phase 1 of COIS (Cross Organizational Information Sharing).  This means that in a week or so, your staff (those ones that you choose) will be able to Individual Care SComms to staff at other agencies (the staff that they choose who also support the same individual).

This is a huge step forward for Therap, the developmental disability community and electronic health information.  I’ll be talking much more about it […]

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