First DataBank in Therap 8.2

First DataBank Logo

In Therap 8.2 (scheduled for release at the end of this month) we will bring out our first link with the First Databank Drug Database.

This is really exciting.  If you upgrade to include a subscription to this service, you will be able to look up any drug just by typing in some of its name:

Screenshot showing drug look up section where you will be able to look up any drug just by typing in some of its name.

Then you will get a full list of all the variants of that medication.

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Attendance in Therap 8.2

Screenshot of Attendance data.

In Therap 8.2, Attendance grows up!

Asif and his team have added some amazing functionality (while in many ways making it simpler).  Basically everything now happens on the one screen you see above.

New features include:

  • Scrolling within the page so you can always see what is going on.
  • Multiple in and out in a single day
  • Sign people in at the start of the day and out at the end (create incomplete entries and complete them later)
  • More text allowed
  • Change services from the data entry screen
  • Calculate full and half days for New York Day Habilitation providers
  • Calculate full and half months for New York Residential Habilitation providers

Great stuff!  […]

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Trying out Therap 8.2

Screenshot showing help section on User Profile page

Over the last couple of days I have been trying out a beta version of our upcoming 8.2 release (if you would like to see it, let me know).  There will be many cool things in this release, many of which aren’t in the beta, but the major thing so far is the new version of SComm which I really love!

Pictured above is the new User Profile which gives some new, exciting options for Scomm (click on the image to get to a bigger version).

Full SComm: This option gives full access privileges to a user with all features.

Individual […]

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Super Role Updates in Therap 8.1.4

Over the weekend we released an update that hopefully made things a bit easier wiith our new Super Role Configuration.

Firstly it is now easier to see which are the Caseload Based roles:

Screenshot of Create New Super Role page for Caseload based type

And which are the agency wide ones:

Screenshot of Create New Super Role page for agency wide type

Also note the handy little bit of help text.

In order to help you clean up your Super Role List, you can now delete Super Roles.  If the Super Role has been applied to some users, you […]

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Time to start thinking about Therap 8.2

new interface for SComm of Therap version 8.2.

No sooner are we done getting one release than we are setting to work on the next one!  In this case it means working on Therap 8.2

Actually there are a bunch of things in this release that we have been working on for a while but just didn’t make it into 8.1.

So at the moment, what we are looking at for 8.2 includes:

  • A new interface for SComm (see what we have here)
  • Updates to the Attendance interface and functionality
  • Updates to Personal Finance (I think Sazzad heard you Renee)
  • Updates and coordination of FirstPage/Dashboard interface

As always there will be more […]

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