Sweet Moderation… Therap is an ongoing balancing act

One of the major goals of mosts websites and web applications is to have users spend as much time as possible on the website.

For obvious reasons, that is almost the opposite of what we are trying to achieve.  Our goal is to get people in and out as quickly as possible finding out what they need to know and doing their documentation as quickly and as accurately as possible before getting back to the heart of their job: spending time providing supports to people with disabilities.  This means that every time that we come up with a new concept like T-Girl or Therap Ideas we have to consider what impact this is going to hav on our users […]

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More cool stuff in Therap 8.7

There’s a whole bunch of improvements in Therap 8.7 (coming out this Sunday).  So be sure to read the release notes

Here are a couple of my favourites:

Screenshot of Dashboard highlighting Health tab

Even with using Dashboard, I find that the Individual tab is still a bit long.  This will speed up finding what you need even more.

Screenshot of SComm user list

We have also made it easier to identify users in your SComm account.  If you have users who access your Therap account either because you are part of a multi-state agency, or you work in Delaware, Montana, or North Dakota […]

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Draft Release Notes for Therap 8.7


Notification Profile: The way notifications are set up under the Therap Notification Profile has been enhanced to make the notification system simpler. Previously, for any module, notification profiles were configured for each caseload. The new approach allows users to set a single notification profile for a particular module, eliminating the need for separate setup by caseload. Please note that due to this change, the number of notifications received by some users may increase.

Provider Administrators will find a new link under the Role area on their FirstPage, called the Default Notification Profile link. This allows the PA to create a specific notification profile and if required, this can be applied for all users in that agency. Users […]

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