9.1.13 :: Updated on 08/21/2011

This weekend we released Therap 9.1.13 with a whole bunch of updates.  It’s another great reminder to be sure that you are looking at our Release Notes

Individual Data Updates

Marking Individuals as ‘Deceased’

Individuals can now be marked as deceased. A ‘Mark As Deceased’ button has been introduced which is available at the bottom of the Individual Data page. To mark an Individual as deceased, users […]

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Some less noticed changes in Therap 9.1


Now that things seem to be setting down in Therap 9.1 (he says hoping not to push his luck), I want to be sure that you are aware of some of the less obvious changes in there.

Some of these are functionality folks have been asking for, others are things that make the system smoother and happier for everyone.

In T-Logs for example, the maximum duration for T-Log Count Expiration is now 30 days.  There were a few folks who had set it to longer, but I couldn’t come up with a decent reason for why someone should be being notified constantly about a T-Log written more than a month ago.  If you can tell me why, I’d be delighted to know!

T-Log […]

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System Status :: Looking much better this week

Today is my final day in Bangladesh, Iona and I fly out tonight.  You can see what Iona thought of her time here.  You’ll also start to hear some of the results of it in some new automated training that we are working on.

It has been quite a trip for many reasons.

While there are a few little issues left in 9.1 (notably the scanning module isn’t working yet due to what looks like some external compatability problems – we’re working on it, but it may take a few days) it is basically ticking along smoothly.

There are some functionality/design issue that we are looking at to do with SComm, T-Logs, and oversight caseloads.

One thing to be aware of is that changes […]

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It's been a long week

As I am sure it has been for many of you, this have been a very long week for us.

I looks like we are on the right side of our issues, though we are still keeping a very close eye on things and working to resolve any other potential issues.

Iona and I are taking a couple of days outside Dhaka before we return back to the US, so I may be a little more out of touch than I have been, but all of Therap support is available.

Obviously, we will be reviewing a lot of things over the coming days and weeks to prevent an reoccurence of this.

:: Justin ::

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Multi-Provider SComm in Therap 9.1

One of the very cool things about Individual Unification in Therap 9.1 is that we now have unified SComm inbox for mutil-providers users (States and Multi-State Providers).

In order to be able to use this feature, both the sender and the recipient need to have Multi-Provider SComm enabled in their privileges.

This setting is defaulted to being enabled for Oversight Agencies, however, for Linked Providers, you will need to go in and enable this for any user that you want to be able to communicate with users at the Oversight Agency.

Providers in Montana who are should take particular note that their staff will only be able to send SComms to State and Case Managment users after this option has been enabled.

:: Justin […]

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A bit of a bumpy ride

We understand that yesterday wasn’t the smoothest day in terms of system performance and that there are a number of issues within the system.

With any release as big as this one (and this was a huge release, not only in terms of functionality, but also the underlying infrastructure) there are always things that arise when it is out in the real world being heavily used.  What is particularly interesting is when the system is used and stretched in ways that it pehaps was not designed or expected to be.  

We are currently working hard to address the issues that we are aware of and if you come across anything, please let us know.

:: Justin ::

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Individual Data and IPOP roles separated in Therap 9.1

With the release of Therap 9.1 we have now separate the Individual Data and IPOP roles as follows:

Individual Data Roles

New Caseload Based Roles have been introduced for the Users to access the Individual Data module:

  • Individual Data View – To view Individual Data with the ‘Admitted’ status only
  • Individual Data Edit – To edit the details of the Individual Data
  • Individual Admit / Discharge Edit – To edit details of the Individual Data and Admit or Discharge Individual from the enrolled Program
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Therap 9.1 Released

We are pleased to bring to you version 9.1 of the Therap Applications. To know what’s new in this version, view the Release Notes for Therap 9.1. We are looking forward to your comments and suggestions regarding the updates introduced in Therap 9.1. Please feel free to write to us.


  • Release Notes Therap 9.1
  • Release Notes Therap 9.1 – Multi-Provider Users
  • Release Notes Therap 9.1 – North Dakota 2.0
  • Therap Individual Unification for Single Providers

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