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Those of you who have been keeping an eye on the National Conference Schedule may have noticed our curiously named Day Two Plenary Session.

(This is probably a good time to remind those of you who are presenting to check the schedule and make sure that you can find yourself, you are available, and I have your session correct)

Following on from the success of our Oracle presentation last year we are continuing to bring you information and insight into the technology that makes Therap special.

Sometimes I think that people forget that when they are subscribing to Therap, they are not only getting an amazing application and the […]

Therap National Conference Schedule Updated

Register NowWe have published the lastest schedule for our National Conference  (It’s dated January 8th and available here).

This should be pretty close to final, but be sure to keep checking back as there are always late adjustments.

We have twelve simultaneous sessions ranging from informational lectures, to guest speakers, to discussions with other users, to brainstorming with the smartest programmers in the world.the best 

I am really excited about the sessions we are able to offer you, especially those presented by Therap users from around the county.

Check out our User Presentations Catalog here.

For those of you smart enough to have signed up already, we have also posted directions to the conference.

For those of you […]

Come and meet our friends from Vertex at Therap's National Conference

Vertex - Return Home


As always we will have a number of folks from companies to provide technology type supports to the developmental disability community joining us at our National Conference (Feb 7-9 in East Hanover, New Jersey)

Be sure to keep an eye on the schedule, I’v just made some significant updates which should get posted over the weekend.

I am particularly happy to be welcoming Sanford Chandler from Vertex this year.  As I travel around the country, I have met a lot of folks who use his system and speak very highly of it.

Sanford will be hosting some sessions to tell you all obout their employment solutions and we will be holding […]

Release Planning for 2011, 2012 and beyond

Therap Services - Documentation Software Solution for Developmental Disabilities Support Providers

If you haven’t noticed, the last year or two has been rather hectic here in the Therapverse.  in fact I think you can pretty much go all the way back to 2003 and find it hectic all the way (and certainly since I came on board in 2005).

Having had quite so many releases recently have been great in terms of progress, but it also tends to add a certain amount of confusion for our expanding user base as well as increasing the chances of those releases not meeting the highest quality standards you we and you expect.

We are looking to bring a little […]

Upcoming conferences

We are now heading into the fall conference season.  Be sure to sign up for the conference nearest you.

Also, remember that our National Conference in Febrary offers sessions and interactions that are not available anywhere else.

We are still accepting calls for presentations too!

Upcoming Conferences

Presenting at Therap's National Conference

Banner showing Therap Conferences

We have received some great proposals for user presentations at our National Conference for Provider Administrators in East Hanover, New Jersey which is taking place on February 7th-9th, 2012. I will be highlighting some of them over the coming weeks

We still have a few slots open on the schedule, so we are extending the deadline for submissions to the end of September. Remember, if you are selected, we will waive the cost of admission to the conference.

You can learn more about the conference (and presenting) here.

:: Justin ::

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