Therap 2015.0 :: GER Resolution

With our release this weekend we will be bringing you a new module called GER Resolution.  This gives you a separate place with its own permissions to record the results of any investigations and what the final outcome of an incident was.

You can learn much more about GER Resolution here:

(There also has to be a Tony the Tiger joke about “GERR”!)

Also, you can visit Therap’s Training Academy for a new self directed course all about GER Resolution.

:: Justin ::

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Have you checked out our new Training Academy yet?

Over the last few weeks and months, we have been working hard to bring you a new and exciting experience in our on-line and automated Customer Support.

The first thing we did was update our Support home page which you can visit at or by clicking the Help & Support link on our website.  Here you will find clear links to the most needed information as well as access to our entire knowledgebase.

Therap Training Academy Therap Training Academy

The Training academy takes it a stage further with a whole list of self paced classes that you can take to learn more about Therap and how you need to use it.  The […]

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