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Contrary to popular belief, the internet is not a series of a tubes.  It is in fact a very cute, small black box!  In this case the small black box is a Verizon MiFi.  Inside the black box is an EVDO modem and a wireless router.  So the device grabs the internet over the cellphone network and then shares it with up to five devices over wifi.  So, for the same price as having a mobile broadband card, you can share that connection with your colleagues.  Very, very cool.

On Friday I tried it our for the first time while doing some training for CAY Community Services Organization, […]

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Tuesday in Oneonta

        National Soccer Hall of Fame

I have always liked the town of Oneonta, ever since finding it on a map when planning a trip with Calum to Cooperstown and the Baseball Halll of Fame some years ago.  For starters it just sounds cool, and then there is the fact that it is home to the Soccer Hall of Fame!

Justin standing on the front of The Arc Otsego's billboard
The Arc Otsego notice board on Therap training

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The Summer of Implementation

This is shaping up to be a really exciting summer here in Therapville.  We have so many great new customers coming on board all over the place. The fact is though, it already is rather exciting!  We just added our 5th mobile classroom meaning that we can be simultaneously training 100 Therap users all hands on, all across the country.

This week alone, we’re training in New York, Arkansas, Oregon, Connecticut, and Washington DC and that’s just where we are doing it in person, there is web-based and automated training going on all over the place!

Special mention though should go out to a couple of agencies.  Firstly, Oak Hill, here […]

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T-Girl teaches you how to find old data

One of our customers came to us with the following issue:

Now that we have all our data in Therap and not in books, when a surveyor arrives at a program unannounced, the staff need to be able to find any data that the surveyor asks for.

We passed the job on to T-Girl

Click here to see what she came up with.

Please send us your comments.

:: Justin ::

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Lots and Lots and Lots of Training

a square table surrounded by lots of chairs and laptops in a conference room.

Another great day of training in Buffalo with Community Services.  Today I have been working with nurses, service coordinators, managers, investigators, and more.  They’ve all been doing really well and are even polite enough to laugh at my jokes.

One more session and then it’s time to pack up and drive home. 

While I’ve been here, I’ve been using the time to set up and configure our latest classroom full of mini laptops (it’s really quite cute seeing them alt=”Five mini laptops”spread out all over my hotel room).

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T-Girl Training :: The next generation

Introduction fo Automated Training with T-Girl.

Many of you have used, commented on, and praised our Automated Training starring T-Girl.

Well, never ones to rest on our laurels, we are making the training even better.  It is now designed to include things such as self enrolling and pauses so that a class can work in the application.

We are still going through rather rapid iterations, but we now have the training where we are using it on a regular basis (Kara trained 100’s of staff at SullivanArc last week and can still talk!)

Instruction by T-Girl

If you’d like […]

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NEAT tools at Oak Hill

Today was a very exciting day for me in a number of ways.

Firstly, I am delighted to welcome Oak Hill into Therapville.  They are one of the most recognized and respected providers in Connecticut and beyond.

Today we were meeting to design their implementation plan at one of my favorite places.  The New England Assistive Technology Marketplace (NEAT):

The NEAT Center at Oak Hill enriches lives by enhancing independence and quality of life for people with disabilities including visual impairments. It sets the standard in providing innovative solutions, program excellence, services and advocacy for people with disabilities.

The NEAT Center at Oak Hill is a place to […]

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