Monday in Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah

After an all to brief visit with Iona in La Canada, California, it was on to Salt Lake City.  The State Capitol here is really rather impressive, all the more so for being built on a hill.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time for a tour, that will have to wait until I come back.

Now off to Des Moines…

:: Justin ::

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Are you ready for Therap 2012.2

Therap, Version 2012.2, to be released end of July

We are getting closer to our released date of July 28th and there are some significant changes coming to Therap.

In particular, Security Profiles.

If you haven’t yet, make sure that you read the release notes.

You should also watch this video.

Video on Therap 2012.2 Webinars – Security Profiles

Release Notes | Webinars | Contact us
:: Justin ::

Tuesday in Colorado

I am in Colorado for three conferences rolled into one.

Today and tomorrow is the Six State Summit, my favorite conference of the year. State and provider folks from CMS Region 8 (North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming) get together to share ideas. These are great states for us so there are lots of old friends to talk to.

On Thursday it will be the Coleman Institute National Conference on Cognitive Disability and Technology in Challenging Economic Environments.

And then finally on Friday it is the:3rd Annual ANCOR Technology Leadership Summit: Technology Solutions for Tough Times

Makes for a busy week!

:: Justin ::

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Welcome Brent Hessee, Training & Implementation Specialist

Photograph of Brent, Training & Implementation Specialist of Therap

I am delighted to welcome the latest member of our support team, Brent, to the Therap Family.

You can read all about him here.

Brent is based out of Denver, and those of you lucky to be at our Salt Lake City, Utah conference will be getting to know him this week.

The rest of you in the Mountain Time Zone will be getting to know Brent over the coming weeks.

Welcome aboard!

:: Justin ::

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The Six State Summit in Big Sky Montana

Original Picture is Unavailable

You know it’s going to be a good day when this is what you wake up to. (It is also perfect Allison weather!)

After a long day’s travel, I finally arrived in Big Sky at the fabulous Buck’s T-4.

The Six State Summit is for states and providers from CMS Region 8: North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado.

The conference is great, and in many ways like a Therap conference in that it is full of networking and very relaxed.  It’s also somewhere people don’t want to leave (though the scenery here is a little more dramatic than Fishkill)

It is particularly cool to meet up again with old friends from places like […]

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