A note from Goto Meeting

I received this today.  If you are going to be attending a webinar soon, be sure to leave time for the new download:

Dear Justin,

 In order to ensure that you receive the highest levels of service, your account will need to be updated to the latest version of GoToMeeting® in approximately three days. Please forward this communication to your users in case they have any questions about the upgrade

What to Expect on or after Jul 17, 2011

The next time your users log into GoToMeeting, they will […]

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Take a look at us


For quite some time now we have been using GoTo Meeting and if you have had any amount of contact with us you have probably sat in on a webinar.

One of the things I have always wanted to be able to do though was include video conferencing.  In fact, we have looked at a number of solutions, but they all required hardware at both ends and were horrendously expensive.

Yesterday we upgraded our version of GotoMeeting to include what they call HD Faces.  

It is very, very cool.  Already it has allowed me to conduct interviews that otherwise probably would have required flying.

Look for it coming into play in future webinars.  You may be able to see us and if you […]

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