More thoughts on Facebook

The other day, Richard wrote an interesting post on Facebook and parenting.  It’s a fascinating concept and one I tend to focus on the positive aspects of.  How else would I know if my daughter was eating fish fingers and custard or my neice was in desparate need of a new pair of Doc Martens if it were not for Facebook, Twitter and the like.

I am also fascinated by Facebooks willingness to change its basic interface.  Each change is followed by screams of “What has Facebook done” and “That’s it, I’m off to Twitter/MySpace/Google+/ThePub”.  However the new interface almost always brings benefits and people are even more upset when it changes.

We’ve gone through the same many times.  It’s one of […]

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Living Life Online with a ChromeBook

Picture of Chromebook showing Therap Website

Over the past few weeks, I have been testing a Chromebook.  It’s basically a laptop/netbook that only runs Google Chrome as a browser.

The question is, could you use a computer that doesn’t allow you to install anything (other than Chrome Apps).

Have you tried one?  Let me know what you think.

The answer for me is, “very nearly!”

Seems to me that this would be a great solution for Therap users (there are all sorts of enterprise controls available).

The only things I have found I really need to install are our Live Help application and there are times when Google Apps just doesn’t quite do enough for me and I need to use Excel.

Other […]

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Problems using Firefox 4 with attendance

If like me you are always eager to use the latest and greatest version of a browser, you may have jumped all over Firefox 4 or the latest version of Chrome.

Unfortunately, as cool as both of these are (and I am now very tempted to go back to Firefox, especially given the way it syncs with its Android cousin) there have been some changes within them that casue problems within Therap.

Most notable of these is when submitting Attendance.

If you are experience, the solution for now is to revert to you previous browser.

We are working on this and hope to have a solution soon.

:: Justin ::

UPDATE: 4/24/11

This issue has now been resolved and Attendance will work just fine in Chrome […]

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Taking Music to the Cloud

Given Allison and Tony’s recent fawning over the iPad 2 and all things Apple, I thought it was about time I did a little on the things that are interesting me just now.

amazon cloud player service music industry

Top of these at the moment is some of the stuff that Amazon is up to.  I am a huge fan of shopping there, one of my rules in life is that if it is not sold by Amazon it probably is not worth having.

Then they started doing their video streaming service which include just about all my favourite old BBC shows like Blackadder, Red Dwarf, and Dr Who.

Then… they brought […]

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Changes to our website

We are in the process of making a whole lot of changes to our website to make it more useful for you.

Here’s a few of the highlights:

A new States page.  This will be the place where you can go and find information about what’s going on with Therap in your neck of the woods.  We’ve just got a few of them up just now, but over the coming weeks expect to see your state (and every other one up there).  If you have information that you think would be good to share with other Therap users and potential users in your state, please let us know so that we can include it.

An updated Community Page.  Wondering how to find us […]

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Therap at 30,000 feet

Today is my first experience trying out inflight internet access (on a flight from LaGuardia to Minneapolis/St Paul).

So far it has worked very well.  I've been emailing, IMing and Theraping at very acceptable speeds.

Is there anywhere left that you can't access Therap?

:: Justin ::

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Google Chrome is getting closer to being my main browser

Original Picture is Unavailable

Yesterday, Google added bookmark syncing and extensions to its Chrome browser.

I love how quick and simple Chrome is, but the main reason I stick with Firefox is that I can build in a whole bunch of tools that I use regularly (such as ScribeFire which I am using to write this post) right into the browser with Firefox’s massive library of extensions.

I’m looking forward to seeing my favorites come over, and then my journey may be complete!

:: Justin ::

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It's all good

There is a lot of excitement our there in the world of mobile devices this week.

The Palm Pre just arrived on Verizon (shame, because if they had managed to get it there before the Droid, I would have been all over it, I am a huge fan and am still trying to figure out how to justify having two phones!)

Now, everyone is holding their breath to see what will happen on Wednesday with Apples big announcement, the possibility of a matching one from Verizon and more.  Rumours include the long awaited Applet Tablet (iTablet, iSlate, or whatever they are going to call it), Apple and Verizon working together, and much more.

My favourite place […]

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