Therap 9.0 Preview Webinar


Justin Brockie will present a webinar looking at new features in Therap 9.0.  This will include the new Time Tracking data collection module.  Significant updates to the Medication Administration Record.  Updates in Health Tracking reflecting the move to CCHIT compliance and more.  Please note that a separate webinar will be scheduled for New York specific features that will also be included

Lots of training going on in North Dakota

Graphics of Therap Services in North Dakota

As we move into the last week before going live in North Dakota with Therap for States we are doing a whole lot of catch up webinars to make sure everyone is up to date.

The full list is on the North Dakota page. Just click on the link to sign up.

Don’t forget, if you miss one we’ll be posted recordings of all the sessions.

:: Justin ::


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Webinars to go…

This morning while Kris and I were on our way up to Kingston, New York to work the the folks at Ulster-Greene Arc, I was running a webinar about using pivot tables with Pete from Occazio.

A few very cool things were going on.  Firstly I was running my bit of the webinar as we were heading along Interstates 84 and 87 (Kris, obviously, was doing the driving).  Secondly, this was the first time that I have run a webinar with two people as co-presenters.  I think it went really well, making the webinar much more engaging and conversational.  Finally, I learned a bunch of things about pivot tables and especially macros.

If you weren’t lucky enough […]

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Therap Certified Trainers :: There's a lot of exciting stuff gong on.

Have you seen all the stuff that our Therap Certified Trainers group is getting up to?

To start off with, we just expanded the team with the folks above from St John’s Community Services, in Washington DC (you can see the whole group here)

We have now renamed the Customers’ Blog to be the Certified Trainers’ one, so there is going to be some great stuff going on over there.

On top of that, they are running a whole series of webinars so that you get get on board an pick their brains.  Check list here or click on one of the follow links:

  • Training Management System with Elizabeth […]
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ANCOR's Performance Excellence Benchmarking Project

Those of you who were at the recent Side-by-Side Conference in Indianapolis probably met with the folks from Deyta who were presenting on ANCOR’s Performance Excellence Benchmarking Project.

On December 16th from 2pm to 3pm we will be participating in an ANCOR webinar along with Solana, Social Solutions, and Precision Care to show how your data can be used in this project.

To join the Webinar you can use the following information:
Dial in number: 218-844-4928

Access Code: 548-132-072

To learn more about Performance Excellence, click here or you can come to the following webinar:
Registration link for December 8th webinar with Dr. Matt Holder is:

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Incident Management and Organizational Transparency

Don’t forget that the next ANCOR webinar is tomorrow (11/4) at 1pm Eastern.

Is your agency as transparent as you claim it is or as you would like it to be? How do you cope with the competing interests of transparency and HIPAA? Can you get a complete circle of support including the individual and family involved in your incident reporting process while still meeting all your state regulations? Justin Brockie, COO of Therap Services will demonstrate how this can all be achieved while at the same time saving money

You can sign up here

:: Justin ::

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More ANCOR Webinars

As part of the ANCOR Professional Development programs for June and July,
Therap is offering a three-part series of webinars. They are listed
below, click on them to register. (Must register separately for each)

  • Part 1 – Why DSPs must be at the center of any electronic documentation system: 07/22/2009 at 1:00 PM EDT
  • Part 2 – Electronic Communication with Families: 10/07/2009 at 1:00 PM EDT
  • Part 3 – Incident Management and Organizational Transparency: 11/04/2009 at 1:00 PM EDT
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