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Ever since we produced our first Incident Report in Therap 1.0 about 10 years ago, we have been asked how we deal with an incident involving multiple individuals.  Up to now, we basically didn’t other than insisting (very strongly sometimes) that a single GER or incident report had to be about just one individual in order to preserve HIPAA compliance and data integrity.

Well, in Therap 2013.0 we are introducing the concept of Multi Individual Events!  The way I look at it, there are basically two scenarios.  The first is a bus crash and the second is an altercation.  In the first, the same thing happened to […]

Sorry for the confusing email

We had an email go out this morning which mixed up information between our New Mexico and West Virginia conferences.

Let me confirm the details:

Therap Regional Conference and User Group, Sutton, West Virginia, May 24-25, 2011

Therap Regional Conference: Focus on National Nurses/Healthcare, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, June 1-2, 2011

I am very sorry for any confusion that we caused.

:: Justin ::

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