To YouTube or not to YouTube


One of the great things about using Therap is we don’t tell you how to do your job (though we do get fairley opinionated about how best to use Therap).

Some agencies choose to have very strict internet access policies and other leave things much more open.  There are great arguments for and against each.

One of the things I am coming across a lot now is the use of .

As you know, we use it a lot as it is easy (and free) to host stuff on and very easy to watch on just about any device.

So if you want to learn about Incident Reporting in Montana


or Respite Services in Nebraska


or how to work with […]

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Keeping up with Therap

Feed Computer icon.


As you probably know, there is always an awful lot going on here at Therap and one of the stuggles that folks sometimes seem to have is how to keep up with it all.

It’s a bit like the “Why don’t you have a printable User Guide?” question.  The answer to which is “Actually we do, you can go into any page in Help and Support and print it, but you probably don’t want to as it’s a waste of money and paper doesn’t update itself”

So how do you keep up to with all the changes and goings on in the Therapverse?

Well, you have a number of choices:

  1. For starters, […]
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Check out Therap for States

Graphics of Therap Services in North Dakota


Just in case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been North Dakota a lot recently.

Well, now you can take a look at some of what we have been putting together.  It’s some really exciting stuff.

I am putting together a page of training videos.  Click here to take a look.

Or you could watch these ones right here!




Completing the Infant Progress Assessment Review (PAR)

:: Justin ::

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AZ's Video

Dawn from Occazio shared this video from one of my favourite people. AZ Soferenko, founder of Occazio (formerly Cardinal Service Management) is one of the pioneering heroes of the disability community who we all owe a great debt of gratitude to.

Check it out, and if you are ever lucky enough to be in New Castle, Indiana be sure to say hi.

:: Justin ::

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