Usually I use this blog as a forum to brag about my kids Iona and Calum, but this time it is time to show off the talents of my mum and her sister, my aunt Susan.

Mum wrote this poem for my niece Catherine’s blessing last week:

Julia Niamh has dozens of cousins,
Julia Niamh has uncles galore,
Julia Niamh has armfuls of aunties,
And Julia Niamh has more –
Julia Niamh has curly-haired Grandma
Down in Dumbarton close to the shore,
Julia Niamh has Papa and Granny
Over in Edinburgh – and there’s still more!
Julia Niamh has Mummy and Daddy,
A nice house and garden, and there’s one more
Julia Niamh is now a big sister
With Catherine Grace making it four.

While Susan is currently exhibiting pictures at The Barbican in London.

The show is called “The Indian Connection” and almost all the paintings and prints derive from recent trips to India.  Click on the picture above to see a whole lot more.

Great stuff!

:: Justin ::