Had a great training session this morning with a local provider here in Connecticut. It was nice to do a training in front of a live audience! Most of my recent training has been of the live online variety. In fact I had a class this week with people it from Oregon, South Dakota, Connecticut, Florida, New York, and New Jersey! It’s great to see how excited people get when I start showing off screen shots of our next release.

The Training Classes are proving to be a lot of fun and I’m getting a great response from people, so if you haven’t been to one, you should sign up on our website. All you need is a telephone and a high speed internet connection. The way it works is that we use a service called Unlimited Conferencing. You sign onto a website where you can see me show a PowerPoint presentation or watch what I am doing on my computer. At the same time everyone is sharing a conference call.

You have a choice, some providers have one person on per computer and others put me on speaker phone and project the computer on a screen. Both seem to work well.

Hope to “see” you at a training soon!

– Justin