My favorite of the Miller Lite commercials using this argument was the one where they apologized for extending the then NFL strike because the negotiators were arguing over their beer.

There are a couple of interesting parallels to Therap, firstly we both sponsor UCP, and secondly a similar campaign could be mounted around “Saves Money… Improves Care”. It is my opinion that unless we do both, and do both well, then we are not achieving our purpose.

Thankfully, the feedback we are getting at the moment suggests that we are doing both. Providers that we are working with are reporting that they are able to do tasks that used to take hours in minutes. We have also heard that providers are able to support more people without extra resources. We are also hearing about people receiving needed supports more quickly and more effectively because of Therap.

As we work with more providers in more states, I am looking forward to hearing more stories about how Therap has improved the lives of people with disabilities.

– Justin