I really had a remarkably busy and diverse week, I just didn’t quite get to blogging about any of it as I went along :-(

I spent Wednesday in New Jersey, then Thursday and Friday in Delaware. All along the way I did a lot of training and met a lot of great folks, all of who seemed to be having a good time and getting very excited by Therap. It was also nice to drive through bits of New Jersey that weren’t The New Jersey Turnpike and in fact were quite idyllic.

On Saturday morning Hearts again managerd to find a way to throw away a game against Celtic in the dying minutes. Winning 1-0 with just a few minutes to go Celtic scored to make it 1-1 and then four minutes into injury time Craig Gordon (Scotland’s best goalkeeper) saw fit to punch the ball into his own net. You’d think that you’d get used to it, but each time feel more painful and more soul destroying than the last.

On Saturday evening we had a auction at church to raise money for our pilgrimage to Cumbrae, Scotland next summer. It was a great evening. I wore my kilt and Calum loaned his to one of the other pilgrims who thoroughly enjoyed his first experience in tartan. We also ended up raising a nice chunk of money so it was a good night all round.

Sunday afternoon saw a double-header of soccer for the Wolcott U-12 boys.  This started off with a game against New Milord which we won comfortably 6-2.  Then it was off down I-84 to Southbury (Site of the 2007 Therap DSP Conference) to  play their Blue team.  This was looking like a tough game against one of the better teams in our division.  We ended up winning the game 2-0 and I can’t say enough about how well they played.  The first half had some beautiful flowing moved capped by a couple of great goals.  In the second half they came under a ton of pressure but held strong for a great win.

It was a wonderful way to end the season with everyone contributing and feeling very satisfied – especially the coaches!

:: Justin ::