How many ways can you click?

Let me count the ways:

  1. Single left click: (selects a single item)
  2. Single right click: (generally shows a context sensitive menu – not used in Therap, but will give access to browser features.  Unless of course you us a Mac!)
  3. Double left click: Selects a word or activates something (the second kind of double click is only used in one place in Therap, do you know where?
  4. Triple left click: Selects a paragraph of text
  5. Shift-Click: (holding down the shift key while you click) will highlight all text or items from the previous point (you can use this to select multiple entries on a list in Therap)
  6. Control-Click: (holding down the Ctrl key while clicking) works a bit like shift clicking except it does not highlight all the entries in between.  This is good for selecting multiple entried that are not next to each other.

Do you know any others?

:: Justin ::