I was torn between Don Henley and Phil Lynnott so  I decided to go for both!

The Mets are starting off the 2007 major league baseball season tonight and so far things are going just swimmingly – it’s only the 7th inning though so there is still time for them to put a damper on what has so far been a splendid sporting weekend.

On Saturday we had a great game from the U-12 Wolcott Warriors.  In our second last game of the year we pulled of a 7-3 against the in-house Sparta team.  We were playing a bit short handed, but everyone stepped up with a great effort and more than a little skill.  I will miss this boys as we all take the spring off and I am already looking forward to the fall!

Today, they current crop of Hearts players made up for a lot of shortcomings this year by beating cross-town rivals 1-0 at Easter Road.  Given the recent records of both teams, this was not at all expected.  What made it even better was the Hibs (rather foolishly if you ask me) scheduled their celebration of their recent league cup game for after the derby.  The contingent of Hearts fans stayed long enough to make sure that the celebration was more muted than planned!

:: Justin ::