I did actually get to see a bit of the countryside yesterday as I drove up from Lewisburg to Parkersburg, then it was back to driving in the dark, especially after the highway was closed and I had to rely on Helga the GPS gal to help me find a circuitous way around.

What I have noticed is a lot of bridges – this is probably due to the large number of rivers (took a while to figure that one out!). Actually I think it is more the style of the bridges that catches my attention, there seem to be more nice old iron ones that the dull concrete lumps you tend to see on highways.

Apart from spending an hour on hold with the cable company at a group home here in Parkersburg (but it was worth it as we fixed two connections at once thanks to some smart thinking by Thelma!) I had a great day today introducing the folks in ResCare Parkersburg to the delights of Therap and learning more about the workings of the West Virginia disability system.

More training tomorrow the back to Connecticut

:: Justin ::